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The Immortal Pack of Friends

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  • Formed: Jun 5, 2012
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  • no problem, nice to see you mate!

    by FrankCold 2 years ago

  • hello punk, glad to see you in here

    by wizzynoo 2 years ago

  • hello I was recently added to the group and I thank all of you for accepting me.(:

    by D4FTPUNK 2 years ago

  • ok. as u wish

    by wanderingb 2 years ago

  • not in this group mate

    by FrankCold 2 years ago

  • i want to be promoted to a admin. as i want to arrange more group matches.

    by wanderingb 2 years ago

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hmmmmm, lol.

    by wizzynoo 2 years ago

  • wizzyno, the story was actually this: God created Adam and said to him: "Adam, I do not want you to be alone in paradise, that is why I will create an amazing companion. Creature that will love you, cherish you, bring you pleasure, it will be the most beautiful creation of mine, but you will need to give me your leg in exchange". After a short contemplation Adam asked: "hmm I'm not sure...God, what will I get for my rib?"

    by FrankCold 2 years ago

  • sigh...

    by PerryThePlatypus999 3 years ago

  • yup, you nailed it

    by FrankCold 3 years ago

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