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The Jedi Chess Council

  • 3rd Planet from Sol International 
  • Formed: Oct 8, 2010
  • Welcome to The Jedi Chess Council ! We are the #1 Star Wars group in the Chess.Com Community ! To all of you that are not just Star Wars fans but fans of the Jedi, this is it ! Working on building a powerful group of players here ! It's all about ,balance ,in the Force and in this great game we all love ! An aggressive attack can be halted,a stiff defence can be broken...but the warrior that can employ both is seldom at a loss ! We are always posting the newest Chess.com Videos and articles that we think will help players to keep getting better ! If you are a Padawan learner or a Jedi Master come on and join us ! Your seat at the Council awaits you ! May The Force Be With You All !

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  • So, are we ever going to fight the dark side or something? Anyway, I started another tournament tributed to a jedi....come join http://www.chess.com/tournament/pigtree-gathering-iii-tribute-to-plo-koon

    by TrogglePogPigtree 3 weeks ago

  • Hey guys, feel free to join. http://www.chess.com/tournament/pigtree-gathering-ii-tribute-to-kit-fisto

    by TrogglePogPigtree 5 months ago

  • So, I am new. Do we get to have team matches against "the dark side" or "trekkies" stuff like that? Because that would be pretty awesome....

    by TrogglePogPigtree 5 months ago

  • Good morning !

    by 67jedichessmaster 5 months ago

  • Hi guys

    by mathboy1 9 months ago

  • Good Day to All !

    by 67jedichessmaster 9 months ago

  • Hello Jedi Chess Council. You need a few players for our match. http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=339006

    by thee_black_knight 14 months ago

  • Good Morning to all !

    by 67jedichessmaster 15 months ago

  • Sorry! I'm late. The last person was Depa Billaba.

    by mathboy1 16 months ago

  • The link is http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=312882

    by DarthBean 16 months ago