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The Julio_Becerra fan club

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 26, 2009
  • Julio_Becerra, a Grand Master, is playing lots of lower rated players at the moment. Imagine the thrill, as a player rated 1300, of playing a Grand Master in Online Turn-Based Chess! This is the group for those who have played him, or are impressed at his using time to play the lower rated of us here on chess.com.

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  • hello

    by ChessHammer40k 3 weeks ago

  • hi all

    by upen2002 3 months ago

  • hello,guys ;-)

    by Ice-Ice-Baby 8 months ago

  • thanx for add

    by vaity3 17 months ago

  • hi thanx for adding me to your group

    by jaronkovich 17 months ago

  • To the admins: When would you like to start the match against my team the Chess Chargers?

    by Elizabeth0 19 months ago

  • hello

    by clms_chessGreatBeast 19 months ago

  • welcome hamdii

    by mitto 19 months ago

  • Hello I m Hampov:)

    by hamdii 19 months ago

  • hes one of my friends and hes improved rapidly ever since the time I last beat him in the southern class champs.you've done a great job

    by clms_chessGreatBeast 21 months ago