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The Knights That Fork Alot

  • Upper Bumsworth United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Aug 10, 2012
  • When Times were Old And knights were bold If they didn't wear undies Their asses were cold

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  • our persistent determination not to be put off by the mere passage of time...is truely horsome

    by laffin 11 months ago

  • Make me a super admin

    by oedipusWrecks 15 months ago

  • Hi its been a while, so do these games work?

    by oedipusWrecks 15 months ago

  • The knights are floundering in the moat...trying to take swimming lessons....but the sharks are bothersome....

    by laffin 18 months ago

  • Well at least I thought we had a game on....(Zoom in on "Bemused Wonderment")

    by laffin 18 months ago

  • guys...we have a game on...if you know how to join it...its started

    by laffin 19 months ago

  • if anyone else wants to be a super admin to invite more or challange.....welcome to management

    by laffin 19 months ago

  • we have not played yet...embarrassed to admit I don'tknow how to challange a team

    by laffin 19 months ago

  • Do you people still play?

    by oedipusWrecks 20 months ago

  • Guys we kneed more knights as not enough to cover any challanges...we need some global recruitment!

    by laffin 2 years ago