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The Light Brigade

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 10, 2010
  • Charge, brave cavalry! To death or victory we are strong together! Our team unites from countries across the globe; joined together for a common goal shared by all of us... to improve our chess. Here, anyone is welcome. Young or old, strong or weak, we greet you with open arms. The battles are all out there waiting to be fought...will you help us win them?

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  • locked. http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=250680

    by Jerry- 16 months ago

  • Looks like a new match!! Yaaaay!

    by DrSpudnik 16 months ago

  • It seems like a dubious version of Albin's Counter gambit.

    by Behemon 20 months ago

  • Was there some kind of opening theme? I missed that when I accepted the challenge.

    by Behemon 20 months ago

  • What train wreck opening is that in the 1-day phillipine challenge??

    by DrSpudnik 20 months ago

  • Hi Hussein: :-D

    by DrSpudnik 24 months ago

  • hi for all >>> i am hussein ayyash from jordan

    by husseinayash 24 months ago

  • Don't tell me you have been so traumatized that you forgot our match?!

    by DrSpudnik 24 months ago

  • The long nightmare of the Bird Variation is now over. Time to search for survivors.

    by DrSpudnik 24 months ago

  • hello there

    by bluskey 3 years ago