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The magical chess wizards! (And witches.)

  • Gia United States 
  • Formed: Oct 9, 2012
  • Come to the magical world of Chessadzry! We will accept any eager magicians or students that want to study the arts of chess! Master the arts of chess through participation in grueling battles. We will duel our enemies and prevail at the top! So come and let's play!

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    by oneawesomeperson123 4 weeks ago

  • This group is stupid.

    by JamesHarden13 11 months ago

  • We have a new and forum game that needs some participation!

    by oneawesomeperson123 13 months ago

  • Sorry Guys, I can't join the group at this time, I hope I can in the future!

    by Samsch 14 months ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=241332

    by oneawesomeperson123 14 months ago

  • We need some players for this match!

    by oneawesomeperson123 14 months ago

  • We need some admins who can invite people and create team matches! Anybody for the job?

    by oneawesomeperson123 14 months ago

  • Hey guys, unfortunately I can't handle any more groups right now. But thanks for the invite anyways.

    by Maroon5fan 14 months ago

  • nice group, thanks for the invite!!\

    by andrewtb 14 months ago

  • http://d1lalstwiwz2br.cloudfront.net/images_users/groups/16940_s.1.jpg

    by oneawesomeperson123 14 months ago