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The Master's Bulletin

  • Global International 
  • Formed: Feb 3, 2014
  • The Master's Bulletin is Chess.com's first and only "subscription based" chess training magazine. This group is to serve with news, updates, promotional events and discounts to subscribe, and fun discussions about what we all learned from a particular issue of the Bulletin!

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  • It is out now ;) and so is my fan breakdown :) http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/august-2014-issue if you still don't have it Chobra check your junk mail settings or contact Peter!

    by DanielRensch 4 days ago

  • @Chobra, I think the August issue will be sent out soon.

    by GeniusKJ 5 days ago

  • Were do I go to get a free sample copy or suscribe?

    by jiukuboka 5 days ago

  • I got a year subscription on Friday and it still says it is processing. Does somebody know how long this takes? And if I will get the august or the september edition? Thanks

    by Chobra 5 days ago

  • I wan't to join your group

    by sastryskarthik 5 days ago

  • jiukuboka and others - this is not a group for these kinds of posts. Please keep it to discussion about the Master's Bulletin magazine. Thanks!

    by DanielRensch 5 days ago

  • Correctrion again......ending phase of the game. Thanks.

    by jiukuboka 7 days ago

  • Correction. Meant to say: .......Alekhine was the first" human fritz". Grunfeld was enciclopedic.......etc.Thanks.

    by jiukuboka 7 days ago

  • Alekhine was the ftrst "human '.Grunfeld was enciclopedic on the opening but Alekhine was superbly creative his volcanic mind turned technical when he had to face Capablanca in the ending face of the game!.

    by jiukuboka 7 days ago

  • Nakamura?

    by jiukuboka 7 days ago


What is The Master's Bulletin?

Submitted by DanielRensch on Feb 4, 2014 posted in The Master's Bulletin News
First of all, welcome to our group! The Master's Bulletin is Chess.com's first, and only subscription based chess magazine. The Bulletin's featured pieces are a monthly gathering of  the most topical opening theory and a review of the most ...Read More »