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The Michigan Wolverines

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 6, 2009
  • For all global fans of the Michigan Wolverines!

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  • Heartbreaker

    by Nimzo99 17 months ago

  • Michigan really missed McGary today. Great game but we came up short.

    by jethro_007 17 months ago

  • The U of M Alumni Association is sponsoring a "just for fun" NCAA bracket contest. No money to enter, but $500 to win. Details here: http://alumni.umich.edu/sports/basketball/basketball-bonanza

    by ZBicyclist 2 years ago

  • I see they did accept our challenge. Join here: http://www.chess.com/votechess/game?id=35392

    by ZBicyclist 3 years ago

  • Vote chess works like this: If they accept our challenge, you'll get a notification (I'll also post one here). If you choose to join the game, we make a move every 3 days. We discuss the move for two, then vote in the last day. Most votes determines the move. So long as everybody takes it in the right spirit, it can be fun and a good way to see what others would do in the same situation.

    by ZBicyclist 3 years ago

  • How does vote chess work? I've looked around chess.com but haven't had much luck.

    by TrueBlueMan 3 years ago

  • We haven't been active lately. I've issued a vote chess challenge to the U of Memphis group to start the New Year.

    by ZBicyclist 3 years ago

  • Almost there.

    by mattattack99 3 years ago

  • I'm not an Admin but here's a link: http://www.chess.com/groups/home/team-michigan It's called, "Team michigan". They are looking for members.

    by ZekesGhost 3 years ago

  • what is the name of the group.... send me an invite

    by JaggedEdge03 3 years ago