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  • International 
  • Formed: Oct 20, 2012
  • Lords and Ladies of the Noble Knights, as King Arthur did centuries ago, leading his armies on the Crusades, we are entering the Crusades of the 21st Century - seeking to meet all challenges, dedicated to chivalry and dominance in the game of Chess. We fear no challenge, play with honor and will conquer with our nobility and strength. Our leaders are there to lead the charge. So, shine your armor, raise your banners high, mount your horses and ride off to the new challenges we will meet along the path to victory. We are one for all, we are the Noble Knights, we never retreat nor back down from a challenge. Always remember to be gracious, polite yet cunning in your game. Be a noble sport when the need arises. Our dedication to this game has given us strength. Let us fortify one another in our team matches. Blessings to our leaders and luck to all. For we are THE NOBLE KNIGHTS of the 21st Century!