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The Packers

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 27, 2013
  • We are a team that loves football(especially the Packers) and chess. If you really love football and chess feel free to join.

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  • anyone want to do a team match?

    by thymaster 7 days ago

  • I started actively working on chess with students. If someone is interested in learning can contact me. Thanks

    by MarkoMakaj 7 days ago

  • 1-10 in the playoffs since the superbowl....pathetic

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • oh and BTW maize .... how did they not win the division last year?.... even I was shocked and noone knows how bad they suck more than me I am a cheesehead living in Michigan

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • 1 win in the playoffs as a franchise and Stafford is their all time leading passer... and the list goes on

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • Only team to go 0-16. Only original team to never be in a superbowl...had a 3 year span with 5 wins

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • The lions havent won at Lambeau since the first year of the First Bush admin 1991

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • Since the inception of the super bowl the lions are the worst NFL team

    by alekhinelives 2 weeks ago

  • The lions are known chokers.

    by dnavarre 5 weeks ago

  • nope

    by thymaster 5 weeks ago