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The Packers

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 27, 2013
  • We are a team that loves football(especially the Packers) and chess. If you really love football and chess feel free to join.

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  • Thanks, Packers, I am leaving for now. It has been fun. Goodbye!

    by camter 10 hours ago

  • how is this group doing?

    by thymaster 4 months ago

  • Lock or cancel please v Purple Haze.. Thx http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=382120

    by virdi1966 5 months ago

  • Jones probably won't be back unless it is for a steal. I like the Peppers deal because they got him cheap and would love to see Jared Allen but he is looking for about 20 mil guaranteed.

    by Mesenkomaha 5 months ago

  • Kuhn doesn't fit into the Packers scheme any more. They are going to get a true fullback to block for Lacy.

    by Mesenkomaha 5 months ago

  • lol

    by thymaster 5 months ago

  • Im Unsure of that but the Packrs just Signed Julius Peppers to a 3 year deal, and Jared Allen wants to come to Green Bay.

    by BDH93 5 months ago

  • i have no idea

    by thymaster 5 months ago

  • Is James jones coming back??

    by schoolboy5366 5 months ago

  • I was hearing that Kuhn is thinking about re-signing with the Packers it might be a bit but he might be back

    by BDH93 5 months ago