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The Packers

  • United States 
  • Formed: Feb 27, 2013
  • We are a team that loves football(especially the Packers) and chess. If you really love football and chess feel free to join.

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  • 1 more thing........ Go PATS!!!!!!!!

    by alekhinelives 7 days ago

  • I agree bdh to a point,,,,, we need to look at how to get better..... And that starts with the defense.... I don't mind losing it happens.... It would be boring if we always won the Super Bowl .... It's just how we lost.... Losing 45-0 would have been less embarrassing .... Just hoping we learn from it....

    by alekhinelives 7 days ago

  • Our defense is the problem they haven't one a game for us since we won the super bowl theyre.a bunch of Charlie's

    by packersfan1997 9 days ago

  • I agree

    by dnavarre 9 days ago

  • Guys can we talk about how good of a year we had. Yes we blew it in the Championship games, but we made it there. We also won the Division went 9-0 at home. Green Bay had a great season. Dont let that one game be the bad point. We have a great future here look at Ha ha and the rookies. Our season was great. Could it have been better yes, but we made it to the playoffs for the 6th straight year. So lets put the bad behind us and talk about the year as a whole.

    by BDH93 9 days ago

  • It's a game RELAX, if you like football there's alway next year.

    by dnavarre 10 days ago

  • I love that team as much as anyone.... born in Milwaukee life long CHEESEHEAD.... and ive never been so embarrased....

    by alekhinelives 10 days ago

  • as a matter of fact we havent had a game that we won because of our defense since that superbowl win... not 1.... what happens when our offense doesnt click?... when Rodgers is out?... does our D step up and win for us NOOOO..... bunch of mismanaged charlies

    by alekhinelives 10 days ago

  • the defense was amazing for 55 minutes..... I agree there was poor clock management but our offense is the reason we made it to that game,,,, our defense lost us that game...

    by alekhinelives 10 days ago

  • ...field goal range and onto an easy victory. Poor clock management/strategy doesn't mean we get to blame two fluke plays in return on the defense imo. Yes, the 2-pt conversion and the onside kick recovery should never happen but if we'd managed the ball the way we should have it wouldn't have mattered.

    by SiRTeTRiS 12 days ago