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The Power of Andhra Pradesh

  • Andhra Pradesh India 
  • Formed: Mar 1, 2011
  • All chess players from Andhra Pradesh are requested to join in this Group. This group is for TELUGU speeking persons. This is State wide team. Come and join share your thoughts views and ideas among the group. Join ? why ? We are active at team matches and Vote chess games and more over you will get a chance to participate in ICL-2012 ( INDIAN CHESS League) from A.P state :) Thanks -

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  • అందరికీ కార్తీక పూర్ణిమ శుభాకాంక్షలు.....

    by K_Hitesh 26 hours ago

  • cool!

    by K_Hitesh 3 days ago

  • thank you hitesh garu

    by manirohith 3 days ago

  • Ok.The.

    by RavindraBabu 6 days ago

  • ok but according to rules of swati magazine, story published in their magazine should not made available in public do-mine for the next 7 days. i'll try to post after this week...

    by K_Hitesh 6 days ago

  • yes, In view of it, I requested him to post here the story.

    by RavindraBabu 7 days ago

  • plz hitesh garu atleast for andhra people who r in different places other than in our country can also read ur stories

    by manirohith 7 days ago

  • hmm hmm...

    by K_Hitesh 7 days ago

  • If possible post it here also !

    by RavindraBabu 7 days ago

  • హాయి... ఈ రోజు నేను వ్రాసిన 4వ కథ "మొబిలిటీ ఈజ్ లైఫ్" స్వాతి సపరివార పత్రికలో ప్రచురితమైనది. మంచి ఫీల్ తో మార్పుని ఆశిస్తూ వ్రాసిన కథ. అందరూ తప్పకుండా చదవాలని కోరుకున్న కథ. స్వాతి పత్రికక

    by K_Hitesh 7 days ago