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  • Formed: Jan 8, 2011
  • This group is open to everyone. The Power of chess 2 never backs up. We are strong. You can join us or be against us. What will you choose ? We have been inactive for a while, but are coming back now. Old message: (Yes we still will do the future star program, likely early 2015) This group needs a lot of players because this group has a program called "The Future Star Program." Here is how it works. Each time we get 30 people on our team, we will set up a tournament just for our team. Whoever wins that tournament will get the title "Star of the Team." It will be very fun!!! We love doing team matches, so we will do the maximum amount for the number of members in the group. Also, this group provides Daily Puzzles for you. This group makes sure you have fun!!! So if you want your chess to be better, then please join this group!!! :)

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  • Hoi, dude.

    by Inishi 14 hours ago

  • hey inishi!

    by logozar 14 hours ago

  • Hey, dudes.

    by Inishi 15 hours ago

  • You aren't even here anymore, so I am afraid not. Those of you who want admin, just be active in this group!

    by logozar 13 days ago

  • Can i become an admin b0ss?

    by Pucci7 13 days ago

  • I would really appreciate it, thanks! It will be very fun!

    by logozar 3 weeks ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/matches/the-power-of-chess-2

    by logozar 3 weeks ago

  • Join here: http://www.chess.com/groups/votechess/the-power-of-chess-2

    by logozar 3 weeks ago

  • They are on the main page, but If you have trouble finding them, just ask me :)

    by logozar 3 weeks ago

  • New members, and old, please join the VOTE chess and Team matches, we are short on players.

    by logozar 3 weeks ago