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  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 8, 2011
  • This group is open to everyone. This group needs a lot of players because this group has a program called "The Future Star Program." Here is how it works. Each time we get 30 people on our team, we will set up a tournament just for our team. Whoever wins that tournament will get the title "Star of the Team." It will be very fun!!! We love doing team matches, so we will do the maxamum amount for the number of members in the group. Also, this group provides Daily Puzzles for you. This group makes sure you have fun!!! So if you want your chess to be better, then please join this group!!! :)

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  • I am sorry i took a big break from chess.com but now i am back

    by logozar 14 months ago

  • Who is interested in the tourney on sicilian defence with move 2.c3 join it please http://www.chess.com/tournament/sicilian-defence-with-2c3

    by hiironymos 16 months ago

  • long time no see logozar

    by baconator24 20 months ago

  • welcome all new players

    by BILALTARIQ 2 years ago

  • welcome all new players

    by Inzmam110 2 years ago

  • No brother this is not pakistani group

    by Inzmam110 2 years ago

  • is group ka the power of chess 2 nahi balkay team pakistan 2 hona chahiye...

    by waqar92 2 years ago

  • Write The name of a Group in the Groups and teams

    by Inzmam110 2 years ago

  • i said I wasnt going to join this group again. see ya!

    by The_Chess_Ninja 2 years ago

  • Thanks MA sb

    by Inzmam110 2 years ago