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The Reddit Study Group

  • United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Nov 28, 2013
  • A group for people who want to arrange things to study together

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  • I'd also be down for stuff, but the group looks pretty dead :(

    by buubbleGuN 14 months ago

  • I'd be up for playing some turned base games if anyone else is. Also could we start another challenge/tournament or something of that sort?

    by WilmaFlintstone 14 months ago

  • 2 more chess puzzles. More content to come. http://www.chess.com/forum/view/more-puzzles/puzzle-taken-from-tal-simul http://www.chess.com/forum/view/more-puzzles/black-seems-to-have-a-decisive-advantage-but-how-does-he-convert-it

    by l_davies93 15 months ago

  • First chess puzzle to get you warmed up. Hopefully more to come. If anyone has any content they want me to post, feel free to pm me. http://www.chess.com/forum/view/more-puzzles/chess-puzzle-can-you-also-find-the-refuation

    by l_davies93 15 months ago

  • Hey guys we're all using Skype atm to communicate. Add l_davies93 and I will invite you to the group convo. If you 2 don't want to use Skype, we can arrange to go over things together on this site. Over the weekend I'll update the page to add some content such as puzzles and annotated games. Thanks.

    by l_davies93 15 months ago

  • Twas good while it lasted

    by AfricanHunter 15 months ago

  • JobertFamesBischer, I just added you on Skype. We have a group chat going on there where people are playing against eachother. If you want a game this is your best bet in general. I can play you right now. We're also planning to have a group chat here in about one hour where you can find other people who want similar things from this group. Thanks

    by l_davies93 15 months ago

  • right haha thanks staddum for the reminder. This is just to see what different people may want to do.

    by l_davies93 15 months ago

  • mybad guys. man i admitted it and it wasnt rated anyways. And yeah aint happening again

    by mafamtician 15 months ago

  • Any premium member up for a long game with analysis afterwards?

    by JobertFamesBischer 15 months ago