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The Riverside Knights

  • Eastern North Carolina United States 
  • Formed: Feb 3, 2012
  • A collection of scholars, students, educators and fans of the game in eastern North Carolina.

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  • raf1956

    by gabriellpuppy 4 months ago

  • Not sure. Would have to wait until about July 4th when we return from the overseas undercover mission for Dept. of Homeland Security

    by MartinKFlem 11 months ago

  • Will there be a Summer Tournament?

    by raf1956 11 months ago

  • Here it is http://raleighchessacademy.com/state-championship/

    by MartinKFlem 14 months ago

  • Just to be aware of upcoming events

    by MartinKFlem 14 months ago

  • New Rankings are out! Next Jamboree after school is Tuesday the 12th

    by MartinKFlem 15 months ago

  • Why all the Time Outs, Lets play people

    by raf1956 15 months ago

  • The Tournament has changed so that we only need 4 more to sign up!

    by MartinKFlem 16 months ago

  • Let the Games begin ......

    by raf1956 16 months ago

  • Let the Tournament begin

    by raf1956 17 months ago