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The Rook_ies Vote Chess Team

  • "Only this and nothing more" International 
  • Formed: Aug 9, 2012
  • The Rook_ies Vote Chess Team is dedicated to Vote Chess games only."Only this and nothing more". We will be playing various time frame VC matches, as well as competing in the the Vote Chess World Cup, and Vote Chess League Tournaments, and other various VC Leagues. Requirements of Membership are read and agree to both the Member Expectation and Code of Conduct, and General Guidelines for our Vote Chess games. (MEMBERS WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE TEAMS POLICY ON VOTE CHESS WILL BE REPRIMANDED AND / OR REMOVED FOR REPEATED OFFENSES). Membership is by invite only, or if sponsored by a active member, players must have at least 20 games played in any form. Ratings don't matter so much as the ability to work with a team. We want to be a small quality group of great Vote Chess players, versus a large group of drive by voters. "Only This and Nothing More".