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  • Somewhere beyond the clouds... International 
  • Formed: Jan 7, 2012
  • If as the winds and waters here below ...Do fly and flow, My sighs and tears as busy were above; Sure they would move And much affect thee, as tempestuous times ..Amaze poor mortals... LET'S STRIKE THEM DOWN! No one shall stand in the way of the mighty STORM! (For 16 and under, do not lie about your age or you'll be kicked.)

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  • evening all

    by rampantlou 12 hours ago

  • Don't invite me into your group if you don't want me in it!

    by Akatsuki64 13 hours ago

  • Fimbrethil blocked me too, it's a she and a woman btw.

    by Akatsuki64 13 hours ago

  • :D I think he blocked me for that forum and now he hates me.

    by mapayt 13 hours ago

  • I know right. He blocked me for a quote on my profile page, lol.

    by Akatsuki64 14 hours ago

  • Smiley blocked me and my request for joining Tirades and Vendettas was denied. I DMed Fim but he never replied.

    by mapayt 18 hours ago

  • Hey, what is goin on here?

    by NetherLordHades 22 hours ago

  • morning all

    by rampantlou 22 hours ago

  • Not you mpayt, excuse my error, I only hate Fimbrethil and Heyoka.

    by Akatsuki64 27 hours ago

  • How's tirades and vendettas? If you will, send a message to you Heyoka and Fimbrethil in one of the forums: I hate you both.

    by Akatsuki64 27 hours ago