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  • Somewhere beyond the clouds... International 
  • Formed: Jan 7, 2012
  • If as the winds and waters here below ...Do fly and flow, My sighs and tears as busy were above; Sure they would move And much affect thee, as tempestuous times ..Amaze poor mortals... LET'S STRIKE THEM DOWN! No one shall stand in the way of the mighty STORM! (For 16 and under, do not lie about your age or you'll be kicked.)

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  • morning all

    by rampantlou 11 hours ago

  • New team match has been organised against chess school...interested can participate..its for below 1399 ratings...

    by AddictedCreator 12 hours ago

  • ....!

    by euf 40 hours ago

  • I had the game , but so busy with shows , wanted to clean my boards , Well no more draw for my !

    by euf 40 hours ago

  • Need to learn a few thing on rating , just lost 100 pts on a draw though this was a negative on both side.

    by euf 40 hours ago

  • yes sir...

    by FES314 40 hours ago

  • Ok..

    by NetherLordHades 41 hours ago

  • I am your teamate , won for you so have my back ! what friend do for each other , do not ask you to fight my battles!

    by euf 41 hours ago

  • ?

    by NetherLordHades 41 hours ago

  • And again no problems with you guys by far, just a general tough ! you have absolutely nothing to do with this , but can help , not me but in general. Clean up the sidewalk.

    by euf 41 hours ago