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  • Somewhere beyond the clouds... International 
  • Formed: Jan 7, 2012
  • If as the winds and waters here below ...Do fly and flow, My sighs and tears as busy were above; Sure they would move And much affect thee, as tempestuous times ..Amaze poor mortals... LET'S STRIKE THEM DOWN! No one shall stand in the way of the mighty STORM! (For 16 and under, do not lie about your age or you'll be kicked.)

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  • 15 invites done

    by rampantlou 4 hours ago

  • Yes i can

    by FES314 4 hours ago

  • @virdi. I've got everything sorted with the current admins, the new one could help with the notes as FES can't do it by himself

    by NetherLordHades 5 hours ago

  • 2-3 Admins needed to help the team please..message me..just time and passion needed

    by virdi1966 13 hours ago

  • morning all

    by rampantlou 19 hours ago

  • Ok thx

    by NetherLordHades 20 hours ago

  • 28 invites done

    by rampantlou 33 hours ago

  • 20th 207 members. Admind lets improve this

    by virdi1966 35 hours ago

  • 3 admins removed due to lack of activity for the team..NEED 3 more Admins...message me just tome and passion needed and will teach you the rest.

    by virdi1966 35 hours ago

  • Small team need members Anti-Nazi Join = > http://www.chess.com/groups/home/anti-nazi-league

    by virdi1966 35 hours ago