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The Twin Ports Fianchetto --- Team Cold Climate

  • Duluth, MN International 
  • Formed: Sep 7, 2008
  • This is a group for those chess warriors living in cold climates, or maybe you were born in a cold climate, or maybe you'd like to live in a cold climate, or perhaps you once had a dream in which the temperature dropped below freezing, and you have nothing better to do on a cold winter night than play the great ancient game... and it shows. We will participate in as many team matches and vote chess matches as possible. Anybody from anywhere is welcome. If you're not from anywhere that's fine as well. All skill levels are absolutely welcome, and feel free to invite friends from anywhere in the world!

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  • *Quote

    by HAIRoftheMONK 4 weeks ago

  • Some day, a particularly determined statistician should calculate the average number of moves that are played before Emory Tate sacrifices a piece. In this case, the number is quite low indeed!

    by HAIRoftheMONK 4 weeks ago

  • Please review this article analyzing one of Tate's most memorable victories against GM Leonid Yudasin:

    by Fischwitsch 6 weeks ago

  • Well known to several of our players, Emory Tate has passed away..(see 'the chess' for good article)

    by beardown12 6 weeks ago

  • We are off to a good early lead in Port Baku match .. much more chess to be played !!

    by beardown12 7 weeks ago

  • especially time outs!!

    by beardown12 2 months ago

  • Thanks to Mamadou of Senegal and Allen of Duluth we are off to great start in Azerbaijan match... No one is expected to win.. good when it happens.. only time outs or quickie losses are of concern..

    by beardown12 2 months ago

  • Match started..special thanks to our longtime international supporters playing now: from Senegal, Bulgaria , China and Germany (they have helped keep our group active!..and our Canadian player as well..

    by beardown12 2 months ago

  • tooo late for me to sign up :(

    by HAIRoftheMONK 2 months ago

  • We wll not close Azerbaijan match (second) for at least 12 hours.. for major matches we try to notify members in advance of closing time..

    by beardown12 2 months ago