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  • Found hunting in packs International 
  • Formed: Nov 13, 2009
  • Howling high on a mountain top, Sending shivers up my spine, Stands a lonely sentinel, Calling to others of his kind. Come join!

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  • Hi. Can we have these admin discussions in The lair. That's where we need to sort this stuff out.

    by sartresghost 22 hours ago

  • Virdi, as I am slightly confused, I would please like a place to look up the admin's duties again. Right now, I'm managing the long time controls matches, but as they do take a while, well, I don't want 50 5 year matches. Ya get me? So what duties am I missing?

    by but 23 hours ago

  • ?

    by but 23 hours ago

  • No excuses but...I dont want to hear a BUT again... Do your responsability as admin please mate.

    by virdi1966 25 hours ago

  • G'morning. Kitty, behave ya self. :P

    by but 26 hours ago

  • white little parrot sounds yummy right now

    by straycat 26 hours ago

  • morning afternoon

    by straycat 26 hours ago

  • morning all

    by rampantlou 35 hours ago

  • sartresghost is right... your are members and if you care become an active admin, help set up matches and invites new pups

    by virdi1966 2 days ago

  • Hi Sartresghost, many thanks! Also hello dear WolfPack. Indeed.. Peter and the Wolf :-)

    by Annoraner 2 days ago