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  • Found hunting in packs International 
  • Formed: Nov 13, 2009
  • Howling high on a mountain top, Sending shivers up my spine, Stands a lonely sentinel, Calling to others of his kind. Come join!

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  • Yes off course especially for our wolf pack, am just in the mood for a nice night of chess, me and my little wolf Merlot are just back from our walk, woof woof

    by martyboy123 23 hours ago

  • beginning with a victory first Marty b

    by rampantlou 23 hours ago

  • or a big HELLOWL...Jamie

    by rampantlou 23 hours ago

  • Good evening all, hope we all, have a challenging,night on chess, and a nice victory walk after

    by martyboy123 24 hours ago

  • but but you are an admin ?

    by virdi1966 25 hours ago

  • All right - I want to start the work week off with a howl! Aaaaaooooooo

    by JamieDelarosa 32 hours ago

  • ...

    by but 44 hours ago

  • Your call, buckeroo!

    by JamieDelarosa 45 hours ago

  • Someone who is an admin, decide when the Keep your claws sharp match is a good size and lock it then. I'm leaving it open for now. Also, keep your eyes open looks to be a very small match. But at least they're not cancelling on us.

    by but 45 hours ago

  • evening jamie and all fellow wolves

    by rampantlou 45 hours ago