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Thematic Matches & Tournaments

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 7, 2013
  • This group is for hungry players who love thematic chess games. We play thematic games in matches as well as in tournaments. 2 or more team matches are started each week. We are replaying all 10 WCC games. And we are registered, - and doing very well,- in the TM Championships league 2014. Classical or rare openings, sound and unsound variations... we constantly explore the huge world of chess openings. Join us and play non-stop !

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  • VERY VERY URGENT !! WE NEED 4 players 2000+ here : http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=437356

    by epoqueepique 39 hours ago

  • Another Sinquefield Cup replay match is open. Please join those high rated games !

    by epoqueepique 2 days ago

  • Please join the King Gambit rematch against group Yerevan !

    by epoqueepique 2 days ago

  • Please join the Slav defense match against Bulgaria, 5 players max

    by epoqueepique 3 days ago

  • Following the Sinquefield Cup... 2 Ruy Lopez fianchetto variation games, so you can replay the Nakamura vs Carlsen game played today, a rare black defence to the Spanish game, chosen by Magnus Carlsen, one open, the other 1900+. Then, the Aronian vs Topalov Slav defense, Chameleon variation played today, also at Saint-Louis... Open the links and follow the analyses given on chessbomb.com !

    by epoqueepique 3 days ago

  • Welcome to both of you, feel free to express wishes as to what type of opening you would like to play

    by epoqueepique 4 days ago

  • Of course I signed up for the English Match.

    by EnglishJim 4 days ago

  • join..

    by Bandit_bohongan 4 days ago

  • A 3 PLAYER TEAM - AUTOSTART - match on the Ruy Lopez Berlin defense is open !

    by epoqueepique 6 days ago

  • We will be locking in 24 hours, thank you

    by epoqueepique 7 days ago