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Thematic Matches & Tournaments

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 7, 2013
  • This group is for hungry players who love thematic chess games. We play thematic games in matches as well as in tournaments. 2 or more team matches are started each week. We are replaying all 10 WCC games. And we are registered in the TM championships league 2014. Classical or rare openings, sound and unsound variations... we will explore together the huge world of chess openings. Join us and play non-stop !

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  • welcome.

    by gnafron 3 days ago

  • hello friends - have a nice day

    by SabrinaSoerensen 3 days ago

  • Ciao Sabrina! What a little world:-) welcome

    by smemo 3 days ago

  • Hello sasoerensen

    by OZEROZGUR 3 days ago

  • hello chess friends

    by SabrinaSoerensen 3 days ago

  • 3 new matches are waiting for you to join : 2 basic thematics, one e4, and one d4, and a Philidor.

    by epoqueepique 5 days ago

  • petteia : thank you for joining the team match :)

    by epoqueepique 6 days ago

  • All results in our Team match since Round 1 are posted in our forum... CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS ! Round 5 is coming up soon. 1 out of 6 members of Thematics has joined it, and the roster is in our favor for the moment. ALL HIGH RATED, PLEASE JOIN AND PLAY FOR THE GROUP !

    by epoqueepique 7 days ago

  • Thanks alot for invitation

    by subedich 7 days ago

  • We are in excellent position in TM championship against Team Romania. Thank you all for your participation ! This is a match we are playing for our group, please give your best ! no timeouts please, they kill us...

    by epoqueepique 9 days ago