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TM Championships

  • international. International 
  • Formed: May 9, 2011
  • "Welcome to the new TM Championship League. There are multiple Divisions for groups of a variety sizes to join and battle it out for the title of TM Champion! Group divisions match sizes are as follows; Div.A - Heavyweight - Number of Members: no limit - Team Matches: 60+ player minimum... Div.B - Middleweight - Members: 800 maximum- Team Matches: 30+ player minimum... Div.C - Lightweight - Members: 400 maximum - Team Matches: 15+ player minimum... Div.D - Bantamweight - Members: 150 maximum - Team Matches 7+ player minimum By joining this league and registering your team, you agree to the rules and conditions within. All members are expected to follow the appropriate forums and submit challenges and matches in a timely manner. "

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  • Jamie, you know I'm one of the good guys! ;-)

    by elvis_contreras 3 hours ago

  • Awww come on. Elvis doesn't bite ... hard. ;^)

    by JamieDelarosa 3 hours ago

  • i just might not be good at it. and i don't want too -)

    by ltristam 9 hours ago

  • why not you tristam ? or is it that you remember how things went for DW and yourself ?

    by epoqueepique 9 hours ago

  • Ok, no problem

    by elvis_contreras 10 hours ago

  • oh, not me! :)

    by ltristam 10 hours ago

  • ok i shal ask Oznezk if we can make you 2 admins, ok ?

    by hynder 10 hours ago

  • yeah!

    by ltristam 10 hours ago

  • I could also help if you want

    by elvis_contreras 10 hours ago

  • ok but can you making pairings for a division ?

    by hynder 10 hours ago