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TM Championships

  • NL. International 
  • Formed: May 9, 2011
  • "Welcome to the new TM Championship League. There are multiple Divisions for groups of a variety sizes to join and battle it out for the title of TM Champion! Group divisions match sizes are as follows; Div.A - Heavyweight - Number of Members: no limit - Team Matches: 50+ player minimum... Div.B - Middleweight - Members: 800 maximum- Team Matches: 25+ player minimum... Div.C - Lightweight - Members: 400 maximum - Team Matches: 12+ player minimum... Div.D - Bantamweight - Members: 150 maximum - Team Matches 6+ player minimum By joining this league and registering your team, you agree to the rules and conditions within. All members are expected to follow the appropriate forums and submit challenges and matches in a timely manner. " <a href="https://plus.google.com/106325627264626712819" rel="publisher">Google+</a>

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  • ok you welcome and there result Rnd 1,2 & 3

    by hynder 8 hours ago

  • Thank you hynder for result

    by HORUS-SET 12 hours ago

  • Those who like Manchester United are welcome in my group http://www.chess.com/groups/home/manchester-united-fc2

    by Pavlicus2014 19 hours ago

  • :)

    by rishikeshwaran 20 hours ago

  • the have won look in the results.

    by hynder 20 hours ago

  • Bulgaria should be declared as the winner!

    by rishikeshwaran 21 hours ago

  • sorry for the latly reaction but i wil see for it and make the score !

    by hynder 32 hours ago

  • i want their opinions

    by HORUS-SET 33 hours ago

  • why admins not speak?

    by HORUS-SET 33 hours ago

  • np...U in right 1

    by bocamustang 34 hours ago