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TM Championships

  • international. International 
  • Formed: May 9, 2011
  • "Welcome to the new TM Championship League. There are multiple Divisions for groups of a variety sizes to join and battle it out for the title of TM Champion! Group divisions match sizes are as follows; Div.A - Heavyweight - Number of Members: no limit - Team Matches: 60+ player minimum... Div.B - Middleweight - Members: 800 maximum- Team Matches: 30+ player minimum... Div.C - Lightweight - Members: 400 maximum - Team Matches: 15+ player minimum... Div.D - Bantamweight - Members: 150 maximum - Team Matches 7+ player minimum By joining this league and registering your team, you agree to the rules and conditions within. All members are expected to follow the appropriate forums and submit challenges and matches in a timely manner. "

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  • Those groups that have signed up will be kept in the registration (wait) list untill the next season after the Division A, B, C, & D current lists are released.

    by oznezk 2 days ago

  • and gushing over the brim

    by DEATHW1SH 2 days ago

  • yes, this year looks like is full

    by spanishfly25 2 days ago

  • So, if I am reading things right, 2015 is full; so the next available will be near the end of this year, for 2016. Correct?

    by CaptainPike 2 days ago

  • We had 76 members signed up for that match. Thanks for that Billy.

    by skattman 2 days ago

  • The New Jersey Chess Team just missed out on the number 20 spot in the lightweight division based on this performance against Team Washington: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=392866 You can see from this game that New Jersey are very capable of bringing both size and strength to a team match.

    by BillyBantine 2 days ago

  • Some might find this helpful. It's a list of Chess.com's strongest teams according to size and playing strength, and includes both WL and non-WL teams: http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/chesscom-team-match-rankings---sep-2014

    by BillyBantine 2 days ago

  • True. Some of the live games players will venture into turn-based games.

    by JamieDelarosa 3 days ago

  • that's one problem inactive players, the other problem some player do log in, they just don't play online chess. prefer blitz or live. but we hope one day they do play.

    by spanishfly25 3 days ago

  • When I took over Wolf Team, they were becoming very inactive. We changed the name and theme to Valhalla, and trimmed away every member who had not logged into the site during 2014. That was over 200 inactive members. Realistically, I can trim another hundred who have not logged in during the past two months. Some clubs feel that larger numbers draw better players. But I want an active, engaged core group.

    by JamieDelarosa 3 days ago