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TM Championships

  • international. International 
  • Formed: May 9, 2011
  • "Welcome to the new TM Championship League. There are multiple Divisions for groups of a variety sizes to join and battle it out for the title of TM Champion! Group divisions match sizes are as follows; Div.A - Heavyweight - Number of Members: no limit - Team Matches: 60+ player minimum... Div.B - Middleweight - Members: 800 maximum- Team Matches: 30+ player minimum... Div.C - Lightweight - Members: 400 maximum - Team Matches: 15+ player minimum... Div.D - Bantamweight - Members: 150 maximum - Team Matches 7+ player minimum By joining this league and registering your team, you agree to the rules and conditions within. All members are expected to follow the appropriate forums and submit challenges and matches in a timely manner. "

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  • Place the board so that the sun is in your opponent’s eyes. Ruy Lopez de Segura (c 1530 - 1580)

    by elvis_contreras 42 hours ago

  • Hullo 'v'ry'un. ;)

    by TheGoalkeeper 3 days ago

  • Yeah. ;)

    by TheGoalkeeper 3 days ago

  • no, the others can learn from it !

    by hynder 3 days ago

  • So, you can delete the notes from here :).

    by iuliadt 4 days ago

  • Great. Thanks for that.

    by Bogor 4 days ago

  • Did that - moved the comments below in the division forum.

    by iuliadt 4 days ago

  • @iuliadt: It would be helpful to division admins if you could post queries in the forum for the relevant division. In the case of division b that is http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/tm-championships-league-division-b-schedules-and-pairings-2015.

    by Bogor 5 days ago

  • hi all

    by Erimar 5 days ago

  • ok, so what happens to Chess Dojo in this case? We are still participating, are there other teams on the wait list that we can be matches against?

    by iuliadt 10 days ago