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!!!Today's Chess Champs!!!

  • Place of Today's Champs International 
  • Formed: Apr 7, 2009
  • !!!Today's Chess Champs!!! WHAT ARE WE ABOUT? We are about having fun,playing team matches,vote chess,and team match and vote chess tournaments.We have a system of rules in vote chess.That will help us be NO1 on chess.com.We are mostly about having fun,but we are aiming to become the best on chess.com.We have a top 10 average of 2450+... WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? You should join to be in a very fun group with 120+ people that are intelligent,fun, and share the same hobby/game as you!Also because we are the future best team on chess.com!

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  • Hi

    by Hedef2020 4 weeks ago

  • Hi all!

    by Karacsonyi_Gellert 5 weeks ago

  • Can I admın pls

    by Hedef2020 6 weeks ago

  • can i be super admin

    by arjuniyer 3 months ago

  • I can be an admin

    by caesarjua 3 months ago

  • hi bigdogpaedo

    by snaikro 3 months ago

  • and the beat goes on n on n on. enjoy. Bow Wow

    by BigdogP 6 months ago

  • I am correct for super admin

    by srisarans 6 months ago

  • hi guys

    by 0random 6 months ago

  • Someone who wants to be SA has to ask a staff and has to be a premuim member. Then the SA has to promote people to admin and SA

    by boy20111 8 months ago