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♔♕♗♘♖♙United Nations For Chess♔♕♗♘♖♙

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 28, 2013
  • Hi my friend, I've created a group that proves that no matter what your race,colour,religion or political views that we can ALL unite in friendship and peace to work together for one aim. I can tell that you are an intelligent,friendly and peaceful person and that this is THE group for you and I'd be honoured and proud if you'd join my fantastic family of peerless chess players. Yours in hope and friendship, Mike (wallyjack)

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  • Work, Raising Two Kids, and Earning a Masters Title, Ain't Easy...I work Grave YardShift From Sunday Night thru Thursday Night, Friday Morning is the beggining of my weekend. My kids are Grown up, and my Chess Game Meager, and i am 800 miles from home, without even a Canine Companion to look after...lol....

    by bulletheadbilly 6 days ago

  • hi,not bad:) but not so great either,have to work tonight and have to leave my home in half an hour...my best days in the weak are from monday to friday-opposite to nearly all other people..ha ha:))

    by monika84 6 days ago

  • Heya Monica...how goes it ?

    by bulletheadbilly 6 days ago

  • hi everyone..have a great weekend:)

    by monika84 6 days ago

  • Hello and Good Day to everybody...

    by bulletheadbilly 12 days ago

  • hi

    by Gigglebox820 12 days ago

  • hi all member

    by unkut1 14 days ago

  • thanx ...hope to rock it

    by ONE-MAN-ARMY 2 weeks ago

  • ONE-MAN-ARMY. Hello & welcome to the group.

    by JPF917 2 weeks ago

  • hello

    by ONE-MAN-ARMY 2 weeks ago