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United States Chess League

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 28, 2010
  • The United States Chess League is a public group that anyone may join that is dedicated to expanding the awareness and coverage of the U.S.C.L. and its players here on, through: Linked resources, forum threads and news, and group activities during the league season as well as the off season. Sign up, and show your support for the league and the players!

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  • aww I was hoping we could host it

    by Minhpham_austin 3 weeks ago

  • hi

    by zealandzen 4 weeks ago

  • hi

    by Minhpham_austin 4 weeks ago

  • Sorry everyone as you see we are not hosting USCL this year, but we may return next year!

    by MikeKlein 6 months ago


    by mevenstein 7 months ago


    by ChessRegulator 7 months ago

  • Lol

    by KingOswald 7 months ago

  • oh no :(

    by philidor_position 7 months ago

  • Yeah that is a bummer. Thanks Waller. Not sure this group will survive the official neglect.

    by KingOswald 7 months ago

  • J_C_King, unfortunately decided not to broadcast/host any of it this year! I'm disappointed too.

    by -waller- 7 months ago


2012 Fantasy USCL Official Rules

Submitted by dpruess on Aug 15, 2012 posted in United States Chess League News
Fantasy USCL 1) Overview This is a game where you compare your love of and knowledge about the US Chess League with that of other fans. You get to manage your fantasy team week by week to try to win matches against other teams, and to score th...Read More »