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Vermont militia men

  • Every county in Vermont United States 
  • Formed: Nov 15, 2012
  • Vermont militia men is a group of people that like to play chess, and talk about all things militia, and political. Although we are a Vermont based group we accept all people to join our group.

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  • Was she your first love?

    by cladclan 13 hours ago

  • my ol' High School girlfriend just got divorced and has been making overtures … the Artist is always busy making Art, oomph - it's an idea

    by DiscusShotHammerToss 14 hours ago

  • You are correct it is just frozen water. Northern Illinois sounds good however kind of late in the season to build a log cabin.

    by cladclan 14 hours ago

  • it's just white fluffy stuff … 10 more weaselly words out-o-thes crybabies on TV and I'm headed straight back to small-town Northern-Illinois - land o' Lead(Galena&Grant) and Lincoln

    by DiscusShotHammerToss 14 hours ago

  • Heads up down there David! Predicting a nightmare scenario!

    by cladclan 14 hours ago

  • Trust a tractor driver to know what's best … all these newspeople down here just need a bag a wool to line their fancy apt's with *,---)

    by DiscusShotHammerToss 15 hours ago

  • Clever must give good R value

    by Davidsordiff 4 days ago

  • And to answer Dave from NYC.Lanolin from the sheep is most excellent it is great for your hands or skin especially in the winter softens up your skin when your skin can use it the most keeps your skin from cracking so much in the cold. I usually fill old feed bags with the wool and then staple up the bags on the walls and ceilings!

    by cladclan 5 days ago

  • Ok to answer Davidsordiff. Cost of wool is cheap pennies on the pound. There use to be a buyer in Northampton Massachusetts. The wool would have to be clean and no burrs os sticks mixed in hardly worth doing all that work for pennies and besides that place was 200 miles south of us.

    by cladclan 5 days ago

  • And the natural lanolin insulates Better than Asbestos = Value?

    by DiscusShotHammerToss 5 days ago