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Vietnam Group

  • Vietnam 
  • Formed: Jan 6, 2009
  • Welcome to Vietnam Group. All Vietnamese players and those who love Vietnam can join this Group. Good luck and enjoy your time in our Group!

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  • chào anh em

    by Hotranducdung-VIE 13 days ago

  • đúng rồi

    by NguyenDaiKa 7 weeks ago

  • hình như ko thấy group hoạt động nữa :(

    by do_it_again 4 months ago

  • hi everybody

    by francisd8 5 months ago

  • Thanks, will do - much appreciated!

    by Bad_Blunderer 10 months ago

  • Hi Bad_Blunderer, I think you can buy chess sets inside Vietnam, maybe in HA Noi or Ho Chi Minh city it is a little bit easier than other provinces. I think the child toy shops sell them. I don't think there is market for chess computer. Anyway, nice to meet you. In fact, we have 2 Vietnam group on the chess.com. Please join another group. There are a lot of active members. Sorry for the late response.

    by chiolotus 10 months ago

  • Another question: I went wild and bought Mephisto Exclusive and Munich chess computers. Is there a market for those over here? I find them good and beautiful - but most people use software and engines, right? Just wondering if I should bring some over next time I'm overseas.

    by Bad_Blunderer 11 months ago

  • are there any chess teachers here who can speak English? What about mail order shops selling chess sets (buying those overseas, then sending them here to VN has been a diuretic experience)

    by Bad_Blunderer 11 months ago

  • greetings to you all from Ha Long!

    by Bad_Blunderer 11 months ago

  • hi

    by Bao_Nucuoithoigian 14 months ago