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  • Australia 
  • Formed: Aug 10, 2009
  • 1st Huge Challenge Champions 2012-2013. Hi future Wally, I am trying to get my Wallys into,at least, the top 20 teams on Chess.com.That is why I have invited a proud and tenacious player like you to join my WONDERFUL group! With members of your chess ability I'm CERTAIN that we will rapidly progress up the match leaderboard and be where we should be situated.Please join,as I'll be delighted to welcome you to my GREAT group,who are now the 1st Big League Champions 2012-13! Thank you, wallyjack


Chess.com University's 2015 World Cup

Submitted by GeniusKJ on Feb 1, 2015 posted in Wallyjack's Premium Members Group News
The 2015 Chess.com University World Cup is the first installment of the university's competitive correspondence chess tournaments beginning this year. Top prizes can include Chess.com University gift cards and even opportunities to work in Chess....Read More »