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We love Natalia Pogonina!

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  • Formed: Feb 15, 2010
  • A little space for all those who admire one of the best (and beautiful, by the way) female chess players in the world, grandmaster Natalia Pogonina.

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  • I love you all, tortured players of Che'ss!

    by taigabluez 42 hours ago

  • Всех православных с Михайловым днем!

    by alexnn78 3 days ago

  • we love you

    by YO_RAN 4 days ago

  • Спасибо!Соперник помог.конечно,но мельница эффектная вышла.Всем хорошей и яркой игры!

    by alexnn78 5 days ago

  • Молодец, alexnn78 !! 15 ход и мат, круто !! :)

    by Doktor_Oleg 5 days ago


    by alexnn78 5 days ago

  • natalia!!

    by marietha1andonlay 7 days ago


    by Doktor_Oleg 7 days ago

  • Светлая память жертвам терактов во Франции.

    by alexnn78 9 days ago

  • How come she not online

    by dwchessmaster16 9 days ago


Natalia Pogonina: "The race after titles, money and fame is destroying people from the inside&q

Submitted by Natalia_Pogonina on Apr 14, 2015 posted in We love Natalia Pogonina! News
Hi guys, Thanks for supporting me at the Women's World Chess Championship! Here is an in-depth interview with me about all sorts of related issues. Hope you will enjoy reading it: Good luck with your games, Natalia Read More »