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We love Natalia Pogonina!

  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 15, 2010
  • A little space for all those who admire one of the best (and beautiful, by the way) female chess players in the world, grandmaster Natalia Pogonina.

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  • Hi Running! Welcome... :)

    by Doktor_Oleg 34 hours ago

  • thanks for invitation :)

    by RunningPawnz88 34 hours ago

  • Thank you, ALK77! Welcome! :)

    by Doktor_Oleg 2 days ago

  • Thanks for the invitation!

    by ALK77 2 days ago

  • And on this site I beat the strongest level as well, http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1295057354 , I know there is a faster mate, but I like to mate with my rook on a1 thats why I wasted some rook moves.

    by PositionalChessMC 4 days ago

  • @Joey, nice! My first game against computer was on chess titans which comes free with windows 7 in 2011 December, I played on my sisters laptop and I won and for few days I thought that I was really great but then she told me that it was level 1, and there are 10 levels, so I started playing level by level and I cleared till level 5 in a week or so, but then I got stuck at level 8 for few weeks but later I beat all the levels in year or so. meanwhile, I started playing on ICC.

    by PositionalChessMC 4 days ago

  • @positionalchessmc: Computers are very complicated. I remember that before I joined any website, I was playing something called Wizzard Chess. Very rarely, I still do but am on chess websites, these days. But, I like how difficult because on the most difficult level, it's as though, you're playing against a GM. And, therefore, you learn a lot from that. I remember that I recently played really well but made one mistake in Wizzard Chess, at the hardest level, and lost.

    by JoeyKTrombone 5 days ago

  • Hi, AlexT91! Welcome... :)

    by Doktor_Oleg 10 days ago

  • thanks for the invite ^^

    by AlexT91 10 days ago

  • How to beat computer impossible,? It plays very weird opening, and I am losing against it in the opening, I feel like destroying my monitor. What should I do? I think if we reach an equal closed middle game then I will win, but it plays very weird opening.

    by PositionalChessMC 12 days ago


Natalia Pogonina: "The race after titles, money and fame is destroying people from the inside&q

Submitted by Natalia_Pogonina on Apr 14, 2015 posted in We love Natalia Pogonina! News
Hi guys, Thanks for supporting me at the Women's World Chess Championship! Here is an in-depth interview with me about all sorts of related issues. Hope you will enjoy reading it: http://bit.ly/1CKzhqJ Good luck with your games, Natalia Read More »