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Wolverhampton Wanderers Fans

  • Wolverhampton United Kingdom 
  • Formed: May 23, 2011
  • I created this group for the Wolves fans on this website. Everyone who loves Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (soccer) are welcome the this group. Anyone who joins will become an admin. This group represents Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in the Team match Champions league(TMCL). /Group founder rbn000

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  • No problem Derek, hope we can compete more as a team now, looking forward to it.

    by 9988tom 4 days ago

  • Well done ; thanks for clarifying our position next season.

    by EnigmaVariation 4 days ago

  • Great news Tom

    by Jollyolly 4 days ago

  • I have just confirmed our participation for the CL next season

    by 9988tom 4 days ago

  • well done Tom, good result. Hope you can get a ticket for the Bolton game. Don't see why not as ground is nowhere near sold out at the moment.

    by Jollyolly 6 days ago

  • That solves that then......puts us in line with old gold standards - maybe you can consider managing Wolves at the next opportunity lol

    by EnigmaVariation 7 days ago

  • Reply from CL regarding next season, looks good to me - Thank you for your letter. Very kind of you. This season is almost end. So all we can do is to wait for next season 2014 / 15. According to your Team results http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/tmcl-2014-division-one-standings-schedule-amp-results you should go one Division down which is Division Two with 5 players minimum which should be ok for your Team What do you think?

    by 9988tom 7 days ago

  • Got it John no problem. Trying to get a ticket for the Bolton game, should be a good one.

    by 9988tom 7 days ago

  • Hope you can make sense of that

    by Jollyolly 7 days ago

  • Hi Tom hope your letter falls on sympathetic ears would really like to see our team survive. As for the lads just felt Blackpool may prove to be a banana skin, but he ust felt Blackpool might be a banana skin but at least other results went our way.

    by Jollyolly 7 days ago