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Wolverhampton Wanderers Fans

  • Wolverhampton United Kingdom 
  • Formed: May 23, 2011
  • I created this group for the Wolves fans on this website. Everyone who loves Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (soccer) are welcome the this group. Anyone who joins will become an admin. This group represents Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in the Team match Champions league(TMCL). /Group founder rbn000

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  • FC Vorskla Poltava are asking us to lock so if anyone else wants to put there name down we need to be quick please.

    by 9988tom 24 minutes ago

  • Coventry and Carlisle, I would hope so John, although we have looked a bit wobbly at times in the last two games we should be strong enough to see this through.

    by 9988tom 18 hours ago

  • 105points in the bag now Tom

    by Jollyolly 18 hours ago

  • It's a nice feeling after the previous two years, now we want to beat the 102 points record for Lge 1

    by 9988tom 41 hours ago

  • We are champions!!! Congratulations to my fellow WWFC supporters.

    by redredwine 41 hours ago

  • I've just sent out 4 messages to get players to join the FC Vorskla Poltava game so please don't anyone lock until they have a chance to put their names down

    by 9988tom 42 hours ago

  • Wow, what a game. They looked pretty knackered after the Rotherham game but what a fantastic win.

    by 9988tom 45 hours ago

  • Hope they do act based on CCTV and indeed TV footage. Surprised you credit them with the intelligence to be capable of reading at all !

    by Jollyolly 4 days ago

  • Nice one, they could name and shame a few of them from the CCTV that might have an impact if they see their faces in the paper, but they are probably Beano readers

    by 9988tom 4 days ago

  • I am sure they will also deny us genuine fans our chance to celebrate our title win by repeating the moronic behaviour at the Carlisle game. I am going to do my bit to try and stop them, my Kalashnikov is on order !

    by Jollyolly 4 days ago