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Wood Pusher Tournaments

  • The restaurant at the end of the Universe International 
  • Formed: May 6, 2012
  • Wood Pusher Tournaments is a group set up specifically for "members only" tournaments. No Team Matches, no Vote Chess, no 960. Just standard, turn based chess against friendly people that you will get to know. If you like to play tournaments, this is the group for you. Please feel free to join. Oh, and as the name suggests, this group is well suited for the lower rated players...

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  • Thanks gunzzzy! I don't have a lot of time, but I've been switching over to playing more tourneys now that I have a premium membership. Looking forward to meeting ya'll!

    by MJH25 5 weeks ago

  • Delete Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce Marshall as a new admin. He will start various tourneys throughout the year. I will do the same but have been very busy this summer. I will try to mix them up with various sizes and brackets but always NO VACATION. Remember. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK by gunzzzy in a few minutes

    by gunzzzy 5 weeks ago

  • fun thematic tourney -russian game- need 3 more... 1150-1450http://www.chess.com/tournament/russian-game-petroff-defense

    by gunzzzy 7 months ago

  • i like tournies of 5 per group up to 40 people 3 day per move max

    by pete58 7 months ago

  • If people tell me what type of tournaments they would like to see in the future I will try to set them up. Any feedback on tournies is appreciated.

    by gunzzzy 7 months ago

  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone here and thank you for the wonderful challenges and games throughout the year

    by gunzzzy 8 months ago

  • Need 5 more people for small (16) person tourney. Check it out. Would love to have it start today http://www.chess.com/tournament/4x4-fast-no-vacation-1200-1450

    by gunzzzy 9 months ago

  • hi;-)

    by baccs 9 months ago

  • 10 person tourney (1 bracket ) only two spots left. Get in and have fun if under 1450. http://www.chess.com/tournament/10-player-battle-lt1400

    by gunzzzy 14 months ago

  • Btw it's not my tourney it's just one that has 11/12 of the players. ;)-

    by gunzzzy 14 months ago