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World Championship

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 13, 2015
  • Only for national teams.

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  • wech team will play with evry one team and standings , i think is more intresting tnen knockout.

    by pistons 2 weeks ago

  • how about cup (knockout) system?

    by TigiBorg 2 weeks ago

  • Maybe we can make some groups , we wil see how many teams will join , or say you guys your proposal.

    by pistons 2 weeks ago

  • anything more specific about the competition to be posted here soon?

    by TigiBorg 2 weeks ago

  • Same like world league , we can play rounds , will be very intresting.

    by pistons 2 weeks ago

  • can you tell us what kind of World Championship you envision? there are already World League and this going to be something different?

    by fbobobby 2 weeks ago

  • Ok! I'll invite these that I know of!

    by TigiBorg 2 weeks ago

  • Can you guys help me and invites all superadmins and admins on others country teams? I will make you SA here.

    by pistons 3 weeks ago

  • Hi! Good idea! lLet's do it! :)

    by TigiBorg 3 weeks ago

  • hello

    by smy013 3 weeks ago

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