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  • Gloucester, England United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • Stuck in a group that is dormant/dying, no chat or games? Frustrated at not being able to represent your favourite football (soccer) team? Would you like to share the highs and lows of your team with people who are addicted to the beautiful game? THEN SIGN UP WITH US. Whichever your club is, be it West Ham, Spurs, Juventus or FC Dallas, it doesn't matter. Our members represent more than 40 teams from around the globe. As well as standard group and vote chess matches (typically, 20+ in progress), we have 'World Supercup' tournaments that enable players who have joined the group to represent their team. Players must be prepared to participate in games regularly, even if it is only vote chess.

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  • Champions League again tonight, some interesting ties. Notably ANDERLECHT v BORUSSIA Dortmund and ATLETICO Madrid against JUVENTUS. Arsenal will hope to improve on their display v GALATASARAY.

    by Rockerbob 8 hours ago

  • Warm welcome Deejay, aka "Bacid" :-)

    by KingsWaterman 9 hours ago

  • Bacid from Sweden has joined us, welcome Deejay.

    by Rockerbob 13 hours ago

  • chelsea and man city both look good man utd very lucky v west ham. well done to southampton playing some good football

    by Roma60 3 days ago

  • jo aka "jo-speed1" is from Belgium and supports Anderlecht. jo is wondering if we have any other members from Belgium ?

    by KingsWaterman 3 days ago

  • I can't see my better half's team (the Toon) getting any points from the potters.

    by KingsWaterman 3 days ago

  • Matches on sky today and Monday, 2pm Reading v Wolves followed by WBA v Burnley, tomorrow night is Stoke who play under pressure Alan Pardew's side Newcastle.

    by Rockerbob 3 days ago

  • @cyberafa ... Rafael, if you can manage two more online games, please join our match against Team Venezuela ... we need one or two more of our top strikers on the pitch !! :-)

    by KingsWaterman 3 days ago

  • Warm welcome Rafael, aka "cyberafa" :-)

    by KingsWaterman 3 days ago

  • 1/1 Arsenal and Spurs, still unbeaten until next Saturday v Chelsea. cyberafa from Mexico has flown in to play for us, welcome Rafael.

    by Rockerbob 4 days ago