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  • Gloucester, England United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • Stuck in a group that is dormant/dying, no chat or games? Frustrated at not being able to represent your favourite football (soccer) team? Would you like to share the highs and lows of your team with people who are addicted to the beautiful game? Whichever your club is, be it West Ham, Spurs, Juventus or FC Dallas, it doesn't matter. Our 600+ members represent more than 50 teams from around the globe. As well as standard Team Matches and Team Vote Chess matches (typically, 20+ in progress), we have 'World Super Cup' & 'World Super Vase' tournaments that enable players who have joined the group to represent their team. Players must be prepared to participate in games regularly, even if it is only vote chess.

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  • Qarabagh-Celtic 0:1

    by Joker-Jamal 3 hours ago

  • OUR match against "STILL GOT THE BLUES" finished 2 days ago. It was 9-a-side. Congratulations to our players on a good 10.5-7.5 victory. Another 45 Match Leaderboard points for us :-))

    by KingsWaterman 5 hours ago

  • Leicester City have agreed a deal with Brazilian club International for Charles Aranguiz. The fee is 10.6 million, it's now up to the Chilean if he wants to join the Foxes.

    by Rockerbob 7 hours ago

  • Yessir, DH wrote Lady Chatterly, to the consternation of English literature critics for wasting his talents on 'pornography', but to this young almost a teen reader at the time utter delight and education; I considered it a GREAT historical novel into private life in Victorian era Great Britain ;)

    by SatBchMagicer 10 hours ago

  • Is that the Lady Chatterly one?

    by Rockerbob 18 hours ago

  • Bob: Sorry a colonist has to do this- DH Lawrence and TE Lawrence (of Arabia) were contemporary Englishmen of note in their fields; DH never wrote about TE-, who gained the fame of Lawrence of Arabia for his WWI exploits aith the Arabs vs the Ottoman Empire forces in the Arabian Peninsula and Palestine locales; GO Crystal Palace Eagles, you DO know your football, for THAT I'm thankful ;)

    by SatBchMagicer 19 hours ago

  • Crystal Palace have been busy in the transfer market, one such buy or rather loan is striker Patrick Banford. Scorer of 17 goals for Middlesboro last season I can see him doing well in the top flight. He turned down a place at Harvard to concentrate on a football career and can boast of going to the same school as politician Ken Clarke and DH Lawrence, author of Lawrence of Arabia.

    by Rockerbob 19 hours ago

  • Stoke City will do well this year, eight new signings, some from Barcelona, I expect them to finish in the top six or seven at least.

    by Rockerbob 2 days ago

  • Thats very interesting, its not always about spending loads of dosh, look at Crystal Palace!

    by PAULWOODS 2 days ago

  • Re spending, see Recent Activity below, Ive also posted this in my Arsenal group.

    by Rockerbob 2 days ago