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  • Gloucester, England United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • Stuck in a group that is dormant/dying, no chat or games? Frustrated at not being able to represent your favourite football (soccer) team? Would you like to share the highs and lows of your team with people who are addicted to the beautiful game? Whichever your club is, be it West Ham, Spurs, Juventus or FC Dallas, it doesn't matter. Our 600+ members represent more than 50 teams from around the globe. As well as standard Team Matches and Team Vote Chess matches (typically, 20+ in progress), we have 'World Super Cup' & 'World Super Vase' tournaments that enable players who have joined the group to represent their team. Players must be prepared to participate in games regularly, even if it is only vote chess.

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  • Obviously I differ from SmyslovFan over the Derby! COYB. I'd like to enquire what people think of Brendan Rogers work at Liverpool?

    by mpearce01 12 minutes ago

  • Of course I'm rooting for the visitors in the Derby. I'll also be rooting for Arsenal tomorrow. At least they have an attractive style.

    by SmyslovFan 4 hours ago

  • The entire Belgian front line is in England, my pick btw for euro champs if they can get rid of the current coach from the WCup. Not a one of them plays for Arsenal! Does Wenger have a problem with Belgians, afterall they did hold out magnificently to delay the German advance into France, blowing up the dykes and flooding their own land. Wengered again! I almost don't want to see the ManU match. For whom the bell may toll.

    by alekhinetroll 6 hours ago

  • After watching my fav Crystal Palace outplay WBA for a very well earned 2-0 win, decided to watch MCI-NEW for my 2nd, then after NEW goal/so-so start (except agree de Bruyne was excellent), then decided to stick with other avail here game: WHU-SUN, as prospects for interesting match seemed 'better'; Missed ALL of Aguero's goals by next time I checked that game :0 As Smyslov, also turned off CHE-SOU after Chelsea goal!?!

    by SatBchMagicer 10 hours ago

  • And yeah, it's laughable that Mourinho blames the ref after the Ivanovic shirt pull wasn't called.

    by SmyslovFan 10 hours ago

  • Wow!!! I actually turned off the tv after Chelsea scored. I thought they were just going to destroy the Saints. I did see Aguerro's performance. He was brilliant, but de Bruyne was a good candidate for MOTM. He helped make Aguerro's goals possible, and scored a cracker himself.

    by SmyslovFan 10 hours ago

  • Our Chelsea fans must be wondering what's happening this season, 6 losses from 12 games. The worst start for 37 years and they were relegated that year. The Saints were denied two pens so it could have been worse.

    by Rockerbob 14 hours ago

  • Aguerro is the fifth player to score 5 PL goals in a match, the others are Cole, Shearer, Defoe and Berbatov.

    by Rockerbob 16 hours ago

  • them or not, The points standings and teams are available to put in a news column, downside unable to copy and paste, so a lot of typing needed.

    by Rockerbob 40 hours ago

  • The 4th Premier spot and CL qualification is under real threat, due to our dismal euro results which include Europa league. Just 3.47 points above Italy and with the 2011/2012 results dropping of the scale puts Italy above England. Not all the blame goes Arsenal, Man City etc, but West Ham Southampton, Liverpool have not claimed any points. The remaining clubs this season MUST start winning otherwise it's a foregone conclusion we lose a place, so start cheering four teams whether you support the

    by Rockerbob 40 hours ago