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  • Gloucester, England United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Mar 15, 2011
  • Stuck in a group that is dormant/dying, no chat or games? Frustrated at not being able to represent your favourite football (soccer) team? Would you like to share the highs and lows of your team with people who are addicted to the beautiful game? Whichever your club is, be it West Ham, Spurs, Juventus or FC Dallas, it doesn't matter. Our members represent more than 40 teams from around the globe. As well as standard Team Matches and Team Vote Chess matches (typically, 20+ in progress), we have 'World Super Cup' & 'World Super Vase' tournaments that enable players who have joined the group to represent their team. Players must be prepared to participate in games regularly, even if it is only vote chess.

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  • Sorry, missed the Iraq score line.

    by Rockerbob 26 minutes ago

  • poor Russia :|

    by KOJER 47 minutes ago

  • Iraq 1-0 D.R congo

    by KOJER 48 minutes ago

  • Great result for Qatar and Canada in their matches.

    by Rockerbob 52 minutes ago

  • Friendly results: Puerto Rica 0 Canada 3, Lichtenstein 1 San Marino 0, Estonia 1 Iceland 1, Switzerland 1 USA 1, Russia 0 Kazakhstan 0, Sweden 3 Iran 1, Ukraine 1 Latvia 1, Luxembourg 1 Turkey 1, Columbia 3 Kuwait 1, Qatar 1 Slovenia 0, Macedonia 0 Australia 1.

    by Rockerbob 54 minutes ago

  • England's defence looks shaky every time Italy go forward, and I don't think Delph is up to international standard yet.

    by Rockerbob 65 minutes ago

  • Hello Euan, good I'll enter you and Man U to the list, thanks for joining.

    by Rockerbob 94 minutes ago

  • Hi I'm Euan I support manchester United

    by Mreuan19 99 minutes ago

  • @kingswaterman OK then

    by laval290 4 hours ago

  • Fact: Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor has more yellow cards 28 than goals 27, in just over four seasons, not something to brag about.

    by Rockerbob 6 hours ago