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World Girls

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  • Formed: Mar 2, 2009
  • This is a group which is only for girls. Good luck in your games.

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  • hi all

    by bestraceclub 6 months ago

  • ¡hola!

    by Anonymous977 9 months ago

  • Hi!

    by tyger-2020 10 months ago

  • lol no

    by IMAnandParkhi 17 months ago

  • u r a girl IMAnandParkhi? lol :-p

    by Master_Kaina 19 months ago

  • WOW!!)) How many beautiful girls!!

    by mulyarmax 19 months ago

  • ... I'm ready to play anyone !!! ... <3 ...

    by XeNa_MaRiA 20 months ago

  • Guys we need to play more matches and vote games lol!!!

    by EroticGirl 21 months ago

  • I can see why this group doesn't play any matches! Your administrators are SCARED to play or challenge anyone. Why don't you challenge the learning group! If you aren't scared!!

    by razorloveschess 3 years ago

  • all the girls r invited to join the girls' group!!

    by Maria_Mihai 4 years ago