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World League Supercup

  • Earth International 
  • Formed: Oct 19, 2013
  • The World League Supercup! A fierce competition of 2-3 teams from EACH Country! So if you have ever wanted to enter your group and participate in the WL and couldn't have, then this is the competition for you!

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  • Good night

    by scorpion_bite 8 months ago

  • A specific country, therefore representing that country.

    by Norb68 9 months ago

  • No, it is for teams than compose of 95% of their player from e

    by Norb68 9 months ago

  • So this is for Non_ WL Teams that arent countires?

    by knightspawn5 9 months ago

  • Sorry for not being online!

    by Norb68 9 months ago

  • post in the forumplease

    by Rapter_Michael 9 months ago

  • im the andorra representitive

    by craiggillies67 9 months ago

  • looks interesting :-)

    by ronbelgium 9 months ago

  • Official thread of rules, tryout info, and tourney format will be coming soon!

    by Norb68 9 months ago

  • ok

    by Rapter_Michael 9 months ago