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Young Chess Players International

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 27, 2013
  • This is a group for all Under 21 Chess Players. We are ARCH enemies with World Juniors. They have completely copied our idea, and hopefully they won't make a second Junior International Cup. Join the group so that we can beat them. We plan to have tournaments and chess ladders for example like The Junior International Cup. We also would like to have a mentoring program and for the younger members to learn from the older ones. Please don't lie about your age. If you are an adult and want to be an admin, or just keep an eye on your kids, that's cool, but send me a message first please.

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  • hey

    by SydneySkiez 4 hours ago

  • thc

    by mjm16 8 hours ago

  • and sydneyskiez

    by aussiedj 8 hours ago


    by aussiedj 8 hours ago

  • hi i am new to the group i am 11 years old

    by mjm16 8 hours ago

  • back over 200. Welcome ETGoomba, Riddlemcfiddles, tackypumpkin, Cubiks_Rube, Hung 175, evilarc 135

    by aussiedj 14 hours ago

  • aussiedj thanks

    by himgouree 28 hours ago

  • @ETGoomba You're welcome, @Williamwatt, i've already invited them

    by aussiedj 29 hours ago

  • aussiedj invite these too i have met them in near my grandma's house. amoghkannan, pranavkannan, vidish282

    by himgouree 33 hours ago

  • Thanks for invite :)

    by ETGoomba 33 hours ago