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qwerty081's Notes

  • keep runnin pu$$y

    by angryatchess 17 months ago

  • i <3 NZ cricket team :)

    by DulmiWhoLovesJesus 17 months ago

  • You have no skill stupid. won only time trouble

    by ParvezAnsarii 18 months ago

  • ohhhhh what a sick player he is.just exchange of pieces randomly no idieas nothing just win on time fkg idiot dont play this fkg idiot

    by akashiyer 18 months ago

  • Of course no rematch... another person worried about that crap rating that means nothing

    by NoRematchPoorSport 19 months ago

  • thx 4 the easy points

    by morgenstern70 20 months ago

  • had an easy win and blew it I know I am playing my all-time worse when I lose to you

    by wljames3 21 months ago

  • coward

    by War2012 21 months ago

  • weak time player

    by War2012 21 months ago

  • KUNT!!!!!

    by tsukinowaguma 21 months ago