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2013 Internal Tourneys!!! - Join Here!

  • ChessMarkstheSpot
  • on 1/12/13, 10:07 AM.

   Let’s go back in time to February 2011, only a few months after launching the Official Chess.com/TV Group, when we held our first Internal Tournament. The prizes were directly related to Chess.com/TV and, just recently, two of those prizes were awarded. You may have caught the broadcasts!


   We’d like to formally congratulate our proud “Internal Tourney” winners:


  • 1st-place winner, FM Kacparov, will get to play 1 hour of LIVE Chess against his favorite host, with analysis of those games. That show will be aired some time soon. Looking forward to the excitement!


  • 2nd-place winner, megillk, guest-hosted “Pardon our Blunders” alongside IM David Pruess! He did a very good job, both at hosting and having created all but one topic for the show J


  • 3rd-place winner, Cruiseylee, had his game analyzed by GM Magesh Panchanathan on a recent episode of Your Games Analyzed. Nice game, Cruisey!


   Talk about great prizes, and impressive wins!


   Well, for 2013, we’ve decided to launch not just ONE tournament—but TWO!!! What we’re doing is opening up registration to standing Chess.com/TV Group members first. You guys and gals get first dibs! If we don’t get the kind of turn out we expect by Friday, Jan. 18th, we’ll be opening registration to the full site for an influx of new members to join the tournament as of Saturday, Jan 19th at 12am.


  Both tournaments kick off on February 1st (12am PST) and will run simultaneously, each one broken down by rating, keeping skill levels competitive so participants won’t be unfairly dominated within their groups! What’s even better is each tournament’s winners will get the same three prizes! That’s 9 prizes in all! So, with that said…


   Here are the tournaments’ ratings and links to join:


   2013 Internal Tourney 1: Rating = 1601-2000


   2013 Internal Tourney 2: Rating = 1201-1600


   Prizes for EACH tournament:


  • 1st place: One hour of blitz w/analysis with your favorite Host
  • 2nd place: Guest Hosting Pardon our Blunders
  • 3rd place: Free Your Games Analyzed analysis


   These are the basic rules for all 2013 Tournaments:


  • All member levels allowed
  • 100 people/tourney
  • 3 days/move
  • 5 people per group
  • 1 person per group advances
  • 2 simultaneous games played against each opponent
  • Tie-breaker system allowed
  • Max 10% timeouts


   Please keep in mind that the rules are concrete. If you time-out, you forfeit your game. No exceptions.


   The only restriction in being able to participate in these tournaments is simple: you have to be a member of the Official Chess.com/TV Group, and must remain a member for the duration of the tournament.


   As stated, there is a 100-player cutoff for each tournament, so it’s “first come first serve!” At the time of this posting, the group member count is 724, so…






   So, there you have it, people! GREAT group! GREAT broadcasts! GREAT hosts! And now even more opportunity to win GREAT prizes! BUT you’ve “got to be in it to win it!”

   Good luck!

   The Chess.com/TV Group Admin Team

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  • 23 months ago


       Sorry ric - tourneys have begun already and are well into round 1. If we have another batch after the current ones, it'll be announced. Sorry  Frown


  • 23 months ago


    Please let me in the tourney!  My timeout is too much but it's like a bad blunder, that's all.  :(  I wanna play!

  • 23 months ago


       It goes by rating when you registered, but we're giving a little bit of room. As long as you're not over 40 or 50 pts. once the tourney begins, we won't kick you from the tourney. Try to stay somewhat near 2000 or don't be playing any games that could put you over 2040-2050.


  • 23 months ago


    I am rated 1994 right now.What happens if I go over 2000 before Feb.1st? Does it go by the rating when you registered?

  • 24 months ago


    I blitzed out a lot of online games to make it :D.

    I'll probably not be in the first 3, but it'll be fun, maybe I'll play people who will be

  • 24 months ago


    I do hope the ratings and timeouts of people who want to join the tournaments come withing range of the settings so it will allow them to join :)

  • 24 months ago


       Click one of the links related to your rating in the news post where it says "Here are the tournament ratings and links to join"  Cool.


  • 24 months ago


    so how do we join?

  • 24 months ago


    My timout percentage is messed up too, doing everything I can to change this.

    Would it be allowed if cruiseylee and myself just draw a lot of unrated games or is that considered to be unethical?

  • 24 months ago


    Dam I cant play as I times out loads recently as could nto get online ;(  Can their be a way I can get accepted as a previous winner?

  • 24 months ago

    IM Kacparov

    My rating jumps over and under 2000 all the time, so I don't know if I will be allowed to play :)

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