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Kramnik Catches Morozevich In Tal Memorial

  • SonofPearl
  • on 6/14/12, 11:56 AM.

Alexander Morozevich's luck ran out in round six of the 2012 Tal Memorial.  Despite some great creative attacking play against Hikaru Nakamura, he blundered near the time control and lost his first game of the tournament.

That allowed Vladimir Kramnik to join him as co-leader by beating tournament back-marker Evgeny Tomashevsky.

The big match-up of the day between world #1 Magnus Carlsen and world #2 Lev Aronian wasn't the classic we had all hoped for, but an interesting game ended in a draw after 60 moves.

Grischuk and Radjabov drew their game, but there was another decisive game in round six from Fabiano Caruana who took advantage of a time-trouble inaccuracy from Luke McShane in a tough battle.

Hikaru Nakamura (centre) won his first game by inflicting the first loss on Alexander Morozevich

Tal Mem 2012 Nakamura Morozevich Round 6 screenshot.jpg


Vladimir Kramnik won his game to become joint leader with Alexander Morozevich

Tal Mem 2012 Vladimir Kramnik Round 6.jpg


Magnus Carlsen pressed, but Lev Aronian held for a draw in the big game

Tal Mem 2012 Carlsen Aronian Round 6.jpg


Alexander Grischuk drew his game with Teimour Radjabov

Tal Mem 2012 Alexander Grischuk Round 6.jpg


Fabiano Caruana earned his second win by beating Luke McShane

Tal Mem 2012 Fabiano Caruana Round 6.jpg



The standings after six rounds:

# Name Nat Elo Pts
1 Morozevich, Alexander  RUS 2769 4
2 Kramnik, Vladimir  RUS 2801 4
3 Carlsen, Magnus  NOR 2835
4 Radjabov, Teimour  AZE 2784
5 Caruana, Fabiano  ITA 2770
6 Nakamura, Hikaru  USA 2775 3
7 Aronian, Levon  ARM 2825
8 Grischuk, Alexander  RUS 2761
9 McShane, Luke J  ENG 2706 2
10 Tomashevsky, Evgeny  RUS 2738


The pairings for round seven are:

Teimour Radjabov v    Fabiano Caruana
Lev Aronian v    Alexander Grischuk
Hikaru Nakamura v    Magnus Carlsen
Evgeny Tomashevsky v    Alexander Morozevich
Luke McShane v    Vladimir Kramnik


Photos by Eteri Kublashvili (except the Nakamura and Morozevich screenshot).  Games via TWIC.



The 2012 Tal Memorial super-tournament takes place in Moscow, Russia from 7-19 June.

The format is a 10-player single round robin, with rounds starting at 15:00 local time (11:00 UTC), except for the last round which starts two hours earlier.

The total prize fund is €100,000 with €30,000 going to the winner.  The time control in operation is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves, and finally 15 minutes to a finish with an increment of 30 seconds from the start. No draw offers will be allowed before move 40.

The tournament schedule:

Date Time Event
7 June 18:30 Blitz Tournament
8 June 15:00 Round 1
9 June 15:00 Round 2
10 June 15:00 Round 3
11 June Rest Day
12 June 15:00 Round 4
13 June 15:00 Round 5
14 June 15:00 Round 6
15 June Rest Day
16 June 15:00 Round 7
17 June 15:00 Round 8
18 June 13:00 Round 9
19 June Departure


There will be live video coverage on chess.com/tv (scroll down for the schedule) as well as at the official website.  The video coverage at the official website is available for replay here (Russian commentary) and also here (English commentary).

Last year Magnus Carlsen won the tournament, narrowly beating Lev Aronian on superior tie-breaks after both finished with a score of 5½/9. 

In case of a tie in this year's event, the tie-breaks are:

  1. Number of games played with black
  2. Number of wins
  3. Result of direct encounter
  4. Koya system
  5. Sonneborn-Berger

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  • 3 years ago


    Go Naka! 

  • 3 years ago


    Now Carlsen is breathing down Moro's neck, the result is going to be interesting. 

  • 3 years ago


    After this round #6, the current world champion Anand occupies #7 on the Live Rating List (http://www.2700chess.com/), and the first 6 people on that rating list are all playing in one tournament -- the present one.

    I don't think such a situation has happened during the previous 40 years, possibly even more!...

  • 3 years ago

    WGM Natalia_Pogonina

    Disappointed that Moro lost to Naka. Hope he will recover during the rest day and keep on playing well, like in the first 5 rounds!

  • 3 years ago


    The end of the Kramnik game eludes me. On move 73 Kramnik plays 73.Rxd5 (he takes the Knight) and allows the pawn to Queen...was it not better for him to play 73.KxR instead

    ...ok...I just went through closely and saw the reply of 73...Nd1...case closed.

  • 3 years ago


    Morozevich will stay in the top even with this loss. He is obviously on his game and a few blunders will not kill him i am hoping. Knock on wood lots!

  • 3 years ago


    McShane lost in time trouble? That's new.

  • 3 years ago


    What a game by Kramnik, bravo! "Nalimov Engame Tables" says it's mate in 23 :)

  • 3 years ago


    Kramnik is the man!!

  • 3 years ago


  • 3 years ago


    My predictions for round 7:

    1. Radjabov will draw with Caruana.
    2. Aronian will beat Grischuk.
    3. Nakamura will get his first win against Carlsen.
    4. Morozevich will smoke Tomashevsky.
    5. Kramnik will draw against McShane.
  • 3 years ago


    Tomashevsky lost a drawn game

  • 3 years ago


    Inexperiencedexpert: 33...Kd7 would trap the knight in grischuk-radjabov

  • 3 years ago


    also, a GM like Luke McShane should've seen 45. Ba6 Kg5 46. Bb7 Rxa7 47. Nxa7 coming. I understand he was on time pressure, but this just seems a little too weak for someone who plays in this tournament. 

  • 3 years ago


    Aronian built up a fortress, it was inpossible to win unless Aronian blundered. Another weakness of the engines, they prefer material, even when the position is a dead draw.

  • 3 years ago


    in the Grischuk-Radjabov game, can anyone explain why not 33.Nxc6+ ?

  • 3 years ago


    Magnus Carlsen drew when my computer tellse me he had an advantage of +-(1.76). Thats strange.

  • 3 years ago


    Sad that Morozevich blundered near the end after a rollcoster game Frown

    Oh well both players provided some great entertainment! I know I was out of my seat just watching! Laughing

    Hope Morozevich still wins

    Also congradulations to Fabiano and Kramnik some nice games there! They spent a real long time at the board

  • 3 years ago


    I enjoyed watching Nakamura win, first because I'm rooting for the "home" team, and second because it allows the other players a chance to catch up with Morozevich and keep it more interesting. The Carlsen-Aronian game had a nice finish. Was sad to see Mcshane lose, I am still hoping he can pull in a decent result this tournament. Would like to see him play more top level tournaments, I love that he has a full time job and plays this well. Manage your clock better Mcshane!

  • 3 years ago


    @ Petrosianic - thanks, now corrected.

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