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Too Hard?

  • KnightOfDaLivingDead
  • on 3/4/12, 1:35 PM.

Look, I know I have been pushing pretty hard on the team matches, and I don't want it to go over the limit, I just want to know how far we can go. This match here is our biggest challenge yet. I know it will be hard, but I have faith in this group, because I have seen how fast this group developed in the past few months, and how fast we accelerated in activeness. Heck, we outmatched the top group on chess.com! As long as we keep growing, we can keep getting better, and better, and better. I think I might take down the challenge just a little bit so we can settle in before tuning it up again. This will probably be our last huge match for a few months, so I hope we can make it big. By winning this match, we will practically double our points on the leaderboard. If you think these big matches are too much, please tell me in the comments box below, and also if you disagree. If we can beat all of these other big groups with 500+ members, we can win this.


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  • 3 years ago


    From now on, I am going to send out challenges to easier groups...

    Still, I might surprise you sometimes!

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