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Scandinavian Defense: Blackburne Gambit

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  • 11 months ago


    i play this opening as black!

  • 15 months ago


    Black plays to put pressure on white's d pawn. Early pawn pressure much like the french defense, but without a bad bishop and with a lead in development.

  • 17 months ago


    If white develops normally, wouldn't this be better for white?

    There are only 11 gaves in the database to date (55% win ratio for white), so I guess that is some preliminary evidence for this.

    In Chessmaster 10 I only found 8 games with the c6 gambit move (white has a record of 5-2-1).

    On chesstempo there are 5 games (5-2 in favor of white). 

    An opponent just played this against me, and we're pretty low rated so of course we're not the best to evaluate...but it did not seem difficult to play as white (unlike some other gambits, which can really come at you immediately with threats, my opponent did not seem to be able to threaten much, and I did not develop as well as I could have, for instance with an early d4 push). Maybe my opponent did not take advantage of the slight lead in development and the open space though. 

    So I guess my question is, if white develops quickly and accurately, is there really compensation for the pawn? 

  • 21 months ago


    Looks inferior to 2... Nf6 and then waiting to see what White does. You could still enter this gambit afterwards, for instance if White played 3. d4 then 3.... c6 is a continuation that gives Black a chance at playing offense against an opponent that would rather give back the pawn for development, though I think 3... Nxd5 is superior, even if it concedes momentum to White.

    But 2... Nf6 gives White the option of allowing the Icelandic Gambit with 3. c4 e6, and I prefer the tactical options that Black gets from that gambit over this one. Seems like there's stronger compensation for the pawn--both bishops are activated, White's king is in an exposed file and he has 3 more moves before he can castle, and Black can immediately counterattack White for trying to push to d4 afterwards.

  • 23 months ago


    I think this is a better response to 1e4 than the sicillian because it leaves white's king file open, black's queen file open, and gives black a tempo. Furthermore it does not forfeit control of the center. I'm waiting for this to catch on. I don't see why it is not played more at GM levels. Does anyone know?

  • 3 years ago



  • 3 years ago


    It looks great for who? White or Black?

  • 3 years ago


    lokks great to me

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