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Pirc Defense: 150 Attack

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  • 4 weeks ago


    Aptly named.

  • 5 weeks ago


  • 3 months ago


    @ bwtaylor: Thank you for the useful insight! I never knew how to explain the name of this opening to my chess class, but I knew it had to do with straitfoward development of the pieces to attack the enemy fienchettoed kingside.

  • 11 months ago


    you can play it with a d4 system too, makes king's indian guys play a pirc, good thematic attack.

  • 13 months ago


    it's a good system for learning something against hypermoderns. i played a few games with it when i studied a couple dozen lines i found online. i'm looking for a book to use with 1.e4 move order.

    the opening looks really ugly and it's themes are easy to forget, but i'm going to try and learn it 1 variation at a time with online games. if nothing else, it forces the trench lover to open something up, often the queenside.

    i'd like some fast developing open system like the 150 for the french, the ultimate trench weasel defense.

  • 2 years ago


    The name comes from the british chess rating for class B players. It's a way of saying "the straightforward attack against the black's fianchetto" where you line up your bishop and queen, jam the bishop to h6, O-O-O, and pawn storm the black's king, especially with h4-h5 backed by the h1 rook.

  • 3 years ago


  • 3 years ago


    Good and easy system to learn against Pircs and modern defences, keeps options open for different plans of attack in response to blacks set up while preventing obvious counterplay imho.

  • 4 years ago


    I don't understand the name.

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