Sicilian Defense: Delayed Alapin

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  • 2 years ago


    Intereseted in the Anti-Sicilian, Alapin variation of the Sicilian?

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  • 4 years ago


    oops, sorry.  I thought your comment said 3 days ago, not three years!

  • 4 years ago


    Jaguar, can u tell me which move najorf would be?  I don't have any openings and I'm trying to find a couple of variations to try out.  I have tried the dragon, and while I had success, I don't care for playing cramped games.  I prefer openness so I can use my bishops better.

  • 6 years ago


    How you defend b2?

  • 6 years ago


    i know this. i plays this variation only.

  • 6 years ago


    I usually play d5 against the regular alapine but I play the najorf which is d6 if playing against Nf3 classical.


    This would confuse me xD

  • 6 years ago


    if i do the same move? maybe the black have a chance to attack me? and some of my piece is improper place... theory only.....because im only a begginer

  • 7 years ago


    nice if only u know how to continue

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