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    Very easy Cool

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    Why wont Qxd6 work?

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    It does work, just not as well as the solution provided.

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    I initially considered Rxd6 as White's first move, but it fails after ...Bxc6. Such pins only work if the pinned piece is of a greater value than what you might lose.

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    I don't see why black plays Qxd7 - is that really the best line?

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    i didn't get it.

    but- Black is forced to block or else he gets skewered.

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    phnaargos - you don't need to concern yourself with black. You just need to find the best move, each time, for white. The computer doesn't have to play the best moves (although it usually does), we do. Yes, in this case ..Qxd7 (+8) is in fact marginally the best move in any event for black. ..Bxc3 (+8.64) and ..Bg5+ (+8.84) are all slightly worse.

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    Like a boss :P

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