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Location: Oman
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Location: Pakistan
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  • Review: My Junior Years in 20 Games

    One of the first chess books I bought myself was a red little volume in German called Garrik Kasparow - Idol der Jugend by T.Lais. Published in 1983 - when Kasparov was just 20 years old - it contained 60 lightly annotated games played by the late... | Read More

  • The 10 Best Chess Cities in the World

    The game of chess has a storied history dating back to about 600 AD, with many momentous events in those 1500 years.  About half a billion people today play chess worldwide, and the game has been adopted by cultures in every continent ... | Read More

  • Riding The Winds Of Fashion, Part 3

    Warning! This is a fairly advanced article. I try to write for players of all ratings, so sometimes I explore basic stuff, and other times I bow to the 1800-and-above crowd. Though the opening in question is too advanced for beginners, I hope that... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #49 - Happy Independence Day!

    Professor: Happy Independence Day, Class! Lucian: You mean happy July Fourth, don’t you? Zephyr: They’re the same day. Thomas: That’s the way the Founding Fathers planned it. Zephyr: Maybe the Founding Mothers had the sam... | Read More

  • Scoring the Winning Goal

    Slowly, I savored my "organic" burger with cheddar and avocado slices. Although my surroundings were bursting with life, all that I could focus on was the dramatic last round. In a sense, the thought of playing the last chess game was therapeutic,... | Read More

    • JENDRAL SOEDIRMAN : 10 nasehat Jenderal Soedirman.

      Jendral Soedirman, Pahlawan Besar Indonesia 1. Jogjakarta, 12 Nopember 1945 Tentara hanya mempunyai kewajiban satu, ialah mempertahankan kedaulatan negara dan menjaga keselamatannya. Sudah cukup kalau tentara teguh memegang kewajiban ini,... | Read More

      • Iskandar
      • | Aug 23, 2014
    • Control of the center

      This blitz game makes a case for trying to occupy the center with pawns, rather than controlling it with pieces. The white pieces could not threaten the mass of black pawns, nor even get near them. I don't remember having seen such a pawn format... | Read More

      • alfil72
      • | Aug 22, 2014
    • try lichess.org

      Salut, lichess.org is absolute free, you can analyse your games for free and you can also use tactics puzzle for free. User Interface is fine. 960 Chess can be played live.  | Read More

    • Status

       Ratings Online Chess 1416 Highest: 1833 (Mar 8, 2010) Avg. Opp.: 1479 Best Win: 2132 (podbacx) Today‘s Rank: #86,721 of 426,881 (79.2%) Total Games: 6968 (3145 W/ 3696 L / 127 D) Chess960 1201 Highest: 1525 (Jul 11, 2009) Avg. Opp.: 12... | Read More

    • Best game of 2011 - Polgar - Annotated

      GM Sergey Shipov's annotations of the game:   Her beautiful sacrifice above (11...b5!!) set her up for a strategy that Judit used in her game against Timman in Malmo, 2000 (below). She utilized the long diagonal against an abandoned fianc... | Read More

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