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    • Nigel Short Gyrates the Gender Issue

      I hasten to thank Grandmaster Nigel Short for the juicy conversation starter.  My response is a mixed bag, like my chess progress and women's achievements. Results could be better, but there are bigger distractions, and no more time can ... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Apr 23, 2015
    • Live chess: a last minute queen comeback

      This was my fourth game of live chess, and though it was still rife with blunders and embarrassing silliness, it finally came together in the end.   I played as white, which worried me at first because I'm normally more comfortable as black when ... | Read More

    • The Wesley So Conspiracy

      In a recent ChessDom interview, Lotis Key, a devout Christian and a friend of Wesley So with whom he is living in Minnesota, said, "Bobby Fischer lived in my older sister’s house in Pasadena. There is no mystery to Wesley wanting to live with us... | Read More

      • OneArrow
      • | Apr 17, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Sometimes you need a break - sometimes to make a break

      I dropped over 30 groups yesterday.  I left numerous admin positions. I severed some relationships. Not to be vindictive or to cause problems, but to try and regain a clear mind, and avoid any more damage. I had a health issue a couple of weeks... | Read More

    • abuse on chess.com

      Hi , I'm new to this site but have been here long enough to have met some really nice souls. But i find the Indians, Pakistani's etc.... very abusive they always write abuse that i have to disable chat for them, just now this guy named Felix123456... | Read More

      • chessnut40
      • | Mar 23, 2015


  • Chess Addiction - a Study / Analysis

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    Hi friends, This is my googling on chess addiction. may be it can be linked to any games addcition / online addiction.. and not limited to chess.com addiction..lol   Please contribute... thanks in advance   YOurs..sajay   i was just sea... Read More »