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    • Chess Jokes

      Hey all! This blog is dedicated to chess jokes! If you want me to add a joke, message me! JOKES: What did the Chess piece say to their friend that got pranked?You just got PAWNED.  What kind of chocolate bar does the king like to eat?A King Siz... | Read More

      • ChessKingT
      • | Mar 7, 2015
    • The Principles of the Opening -- for Beginners!

      Top Ten Rules to the Opening!  There are many rules and principles for the three different stages of a chess game, but the focus of this article is how to "get out of the gates" in a hurry!    Rule #1 - Develop Your Pieces! Development mean... | Read More

      • Krish_01
      • | Dec 21, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • 2014 Western Invitational Chess Camp - Recap!

      2014 Chess Camp Group Photo   Hi all - Robby Adamson checking in after another awesome week of chess! As many of you know, I have the privilege of running the strongest chess camp in the United States, the Western Invitational Chess Camp (www... | Read More

    • 2013 Western Invitational Chess Camp Complete!!

        IM-Elect Robby Adamson, Camp Director of Western Invitational Chess Camp   Hi everyone! The month of July has been perhaps the busiest I have ever had. After finishing the 2013 World Open, I had a few days off before my favorite time of the... | Read More

    • اصول گشایش _برای مبتدی ها

        اصول گشایش__برای مبتدی ها ده قانون عالی برای گشایش! بقلم استاد بین المللی دانیل رنیچ (IM Daniel Rensch) ترجمه:سید شهاب طاهری   اصول و قوان... | Read More