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    • North Carolina Open Games - Round 1

      The North Carolina Open is a great tournament. I last played in 2011, before it was offered in conjunction with the US Masters. Last time I played in the Open section; this time I almost decided to do the same since there wouldn't be that many 22... | Read More

    • University's Online Youth and Novice Chess Camp

      After organizing the world's first online chess camp, which was aimed at intermediate and advanced adult tournament players, University is back with another online chess camp, this time for youth and novice chess players! | Read More

      • GeniusKJ
      • | Aug 31, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • [video] Chess News #47: Carlsen – Caruana, St. Louis 2014

      Hi all, The 2nd Sinquefield Cup has begun, and how! The first three rounds have been a complete slugfest with lots of decided and interesting games. During the third round there was a bit of an upset: World Champion Magnus Carlsen lost to world ... | Read More

      • Waldemar
      • | Aug 30, 2014
    • Overemphasizing the importance of openings, part 1

      Openings just aren't as important as you or I probably make it out to be. At least the way I used to study it. Using a computer to come up with which openings have the best "score" is in my opinion not a very productive method of studying.   Ho... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Aug 23, 2014
    • Never Resign... Unless

      Many chess players learn that they shouldn't resign. The reason for that is that there are many premature resignations. Even if you are in a worse position, you should keep playing if there is a hope of defending or creating an attack. No one is p... | Read More

      • yoony123
      • | Aug 22, 2014

Video Lessons

  • Adjournment

    • 8 Reads
    • | 8 Reads

    First introduced at Paris in 1878,  adjournment is a time out between playing sessions, generally overnight.  The side that is on the move seals (writes on a piece of paper and seals it in an envelope) a legal move, sight unseen by his o... Read More »


    • 16 Reads
    • | 16 Reads

    In 1974, winner of the first World Computer Chess Championship, held in Stockholm.  The program was written at the Institute of Control Science in Moscow.  It scored 100% ahead of 11 other entries.  In 1975, the KAISSA programmers w... Read More »

  • Book, chess

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    The first European book on chess is Juegos Axedrez, dados y tablas, written in the 13th century.  The first hardback book dealing with chess, Dass Goldin Spil, was published in Augsburg in 1472.  The first chess book printed in Russia wa... Read More »