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  • Pandolfini's Mailbag: Lost In Losing

    Topic for next month: Speed Chess (Please start submitting questions concerning the above topic for the next column. Questions different from the above theme should be submitted to other departments.)   Question 1: (Submitted by War... | Read More

  • The Caro-Kann: A History

    We turn our attention to a defense that has been known for its solidity from the very beginning: the Caro-Kann Defense. Surely the moves 1.e4 c6 have been played in casual games long ago -- probably soon after the modern rules of chess were inst... | Read More

  • You Can Play Hikaru Nakamura This Saturday

    Have you ever wanted to take on the best chess player in the United States and one of the top players in the world? You'll get your chance this Saturday, as GM Hikaru Nakamura joins for a very special online event. Nakamura, currentl... | Read More

  • Pawn Structure 101 Video Series

    The wait is finally over! You have tried every solution to fix those flabby pawn structures. You've cut every processed pawn from your diet. Yet, for some reason, you just cannot get rid of those doubled pawns! Finally, there is a better way! Fan... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Mailbag: Teaching Stuff

    Topic for next month: Losing (Please start submitting questions concerning the above topic for the next column. Questions outside of that theme should be submitted to other departments. If I get the opportunity to answer a different ki... | Read More

    • Rd. 1 - 2nd Annual FM Ron Simpson Memorial

      Tonight started a bittersweet weekend as we remember our fallen friend FIDE Master Ron Simpson in a tournament named in his honor. Ron has been deeply missed in our community as he was a positive influence on everyone he met on the chess circuit. ... | Read More

      • PigJones
      • | Mar 27, 2015
    • THIRD SIMUL WITH THE MASTER! Experience + analysis of game + practical tips + video post = 8$

      All fans of chess! I am glad to inform you of the opportunity to participate in the third simul with the master! At March 7 and March 15 I've already held two simuls and I must say that it was very interesting. In the third event will be one new ... | Read More

    • Prepping for Philly

      In about ten days I'll be heading east to compete in the seven round Philadelphia Open for the second year in a row. Last year, it was the first time I had ever traveled out-of-state for a chess tournament, and I had a blast. Playing seven slow ... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Mar 22, 2015
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey

      With films like "The Shining", Dr.Strangelove", Clockwork Orange" and "Full Metal Jacket" director Stanley Kubrick showed why he was one of the best.Chess was one of his biggest interests during his life.In his youth he played in parks for money a... | Read More

      • SFN
      • | Mar 22, 2015
    • The Queen's Comfort Square

      I am the one of those chess players who loves whenever possible to watch for the tournaments in online mode and it is not only to be aware of recent opening novelties or enjoying the heat of the struggle. Sometimes we could be witnesses of some no... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Adjournment

    • 8 Reads
    • | 8 Reads

    First introduced at Paris in 1878,  adjournment is a time out between playing sessions, generally overnight.  The side that is on the move seals (writes on a piece of paper and seals it in an envelope) a legal move, sight unseen by his o... Read More »


    • 16 Reads
    • | 16 Reads

    In 1974, winner of the first World Computer Chess Championship, held in Stockholm.  The program was written at the Institute of Control Science in Moscow.  It scored 100% ahead of 11 other entries.  In 1975, the KAISSA programmers w... Read More »

  • Book, chess

    • 7 Reads
    • | 7 Reads

    The first European book on chess is Juegos Axedrez, dados y tablas, written in the 13th century.  The first hardback book dealing with chess, Dass Goldin Spil, was published in Augsburg in 1472.  The first chess book printed in Russia wa... Read More »