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  • The Blackjack Death Match's 21st Death Match will have GMs Georg Meier and Imre Balog at the card table on Saturday, February 15 at 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific. (GMT - 8) But who brings better cards to the casino? Meier, FIDE 2636, has a chip lead... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Dec 27, 2013

    "I read chess books and I understand them but when I get the same situations in a game I don't do the right things." This is a common complaint, but it is so generic that, unless I knew exactly what the viewer read and his chess situation, it is ... | Read More

  • Analyzing and demonstraiting

    When you loose a game, you would think why did you loose? to know that, analyzing would be the best step for improving. Already has an analyzer, so you can easily analyze your games. Analyzing could be fun, like if you make a blunder, yo... | Read More

  • McChess: Shredder Chess

    First, the preamble, in case you missed it from my last McChess article.  At the moment,  I run OS X and only OS X, so although Shredder Chess comes in Linux and Windows flavours, I won’t say much, if anything, about the alternativ... | Read More

    • Computer Analysis!

      I think the Game Analyzer Software here in Chess.Com is kind of stupid! I might not use it anymore in order not to get confused about things. Yeah!  | Read More

      • TheNumber6
      • | Oct 15, 2013
    • Practice Game with Gunners2004

      Gunners2004 has been my friend for a short while. This is my first game with him and it was one where I learned a huge lesson. Here it is: Always analyze what could happen before you actually make the move. In one of the moves, I forgot to analyz... | Read More

    • Chicago Open Round 2

      So I figured I would paste some of my games from the Chicago Open.  This was by far the most frustrating game for me since I started off so well in the opening and felt like I could do nothing with all the tempos and advantages I had early on.  ... | Read More

      • Renny54
      • | May 27, 2013
    • writing an opening analyzer part 2

      Hi guys..Well i am making quietly some big process in my programming.To write a small prog that can do some stats on game archives.I like to get answered what are my good openings how often did i play them etc.I know SCID but its just a little bit... | Read More

      • PeterArt
      • | Oct 27, 2010
    • writing an opening analyzer

      i'm trying to write an statistics opening analyzer for my saved games.So far i've managed to convert the game archive into a python listIn which each entry contains a single game, as i'm new to python.This is allready quite something for me, but i... | Read More

      • PeterArt
      • | Oct 10, 2010