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  • Pandolfini's Mailbag: Teaching Stuff

    Topic for next month: Losing (Please start submitting questions concerning the above topic for the next column. Questions outside of that theme should be submitted to other departments. If I get the opportunity to answer a different ki... | Read More

  • How To Play The Najdorf Against The Adams Attack

    In Playing Against The Najdorf: The Adams Attack, we saw how an obscure small move (6.h3) was developed as an answer to another small move (5...a6 -- the Najdorf), which had, paradoxically, become the most popular opening in chess. The so-called... | Read More

  • An Incidental Champion

         Some men and women are clearly champions and reach the pinnacle of their field in an almost predictable manner. Some are champion material, but the fates have conspired against them, keeping them from reaching the very top.  Still other... | Read More

  • Mastering Squares, Part 6

    In our study of squares we’ve looked mainly at amateur games and how a “tiny” thing like a square is often ignored, while tactics, threats and attacks are always part of the amateur’s mind. This brings up an interesting q... | Read More

  • 6 Reasons You Can't Miss Titled Tuesday Today

    The sixth Titled Tuesday tournament in history is set to kick off today at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST, 7 p.m. GMT), and it will feature one of the strongest fields ever. With a prize pool that has ballooned to $2,500 (up from the normal $... | Read More

    • How to rescue an hyppopotamus

      Journalist:   It might be inconvenient to interrupt our profound discussion and change the subject slightly, but I would like to know whether extraneous, abstract thoughts ever enter your head while playing a game? Tal:   Yes. For example, I wi... | Read More

      • teorems
      • | Feb 28, 2015
    • Insane pawn freaks

      I have seen some weird stuff happen. Like, resigning because you are down a pawn, or resigning one move away from checkmate. Some people are strange, check this game out. Has this ever happened to you? | Read More

    • priorities   Once a loser always a loser..   interesting chess:   Swap pawns to win...... | Read More

    • Playing Against the Scandinavian Defense - Part 1

      A serious 1.e4 player needs to prepare against all possible responses by Black and The Scandinavian Defense is not to be missed. It's often played by opponents who want to rattle you with a "Surprise Opening" you're less familiar with and they'... | Read More

    • Currently offering tutoring sessions in math, statistics, and chess

      Let me start off this blog with some questions: Are you currently taking a math/statistics course and need help in it? Do you have a child or know someone who is currently taking a math/statistics course and needs help in it? Are you working on a... | Read More

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