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  • The Only Certainties: Death Matches And Taxes

    If it feels like we haven't had a Death Match since the early summer, that's because we haven't! Back when GM Maxim Dlugy claimed his title, the days were at their longest and outdoor barbecues were in full swing. But don't fret! As th... | Read More

  • The Greatest Chess Minds Video Series

    Let this video guide serve as the official reference point to help you find videos on your favorite chess players throughout history! has enjoyed lessons from the best coaches and players within our game. Hopefully,... | Read More

  • Chaotic Chess Puzzles: Tactics Or Positional Play?

    I’ve long insisted that the best way to improve (aside from playing stronger players) is to look at reams of master games. Most games between titled players have some important lesson hiding behind the moves, and I decided to make it easy fo... | Read More

  • The 7 Weirdest Chess Openings

    Everyone knows the popular, "normal" openings played at the top level of chess. The Ruy-Lopez, the Sicilian, the French: thousands of pages have been written about these world-championship-level openings.  But what if you're not playing a... | Read More

  • 14 Famous Chess Couples

    Chess is not a team game. It's an individual struggle between two minds to destroy each other -- at least, over the chessboard. But that doesn't mean chess players have to be loners. It's only natural that passionate chess players are drawn to... | Read More

    • Checkmates of the day 28

      Top Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk played against Alexander Morozevich and showed how to checkmate with a bishop and a knight: White to move and checkmates in 2: The best Armenian player Levon Aronian beat World Champion Vladimir Kramnik in Mont... | Read More

    • Thoughts on Magnus

      Magnus Carlsen, the current world chess champion, is experiencing a 4-year low in rating. He blundered a piece against a comparatively "weak" 2500 GM. Why is this happening? What is happening to the best player in the world? Of course there are m... | Read More

      • Robert0905
      • | Nov 19, 2015
    • Checkmates of the day 26

      Russian talent Ian Nepomniachtchi beat World Champion Vladimir Kramnik in the World Bllitz Championship in 2010: White to move and checkmates in 1: Grandmaster Peter Svidler won against top armenian player Levon Aronian in the World Blitz Ch... | Read More

    • Opening Ideas and Innovations: Taking the Next Step

      Check out the original blog post here! Over the weekend, I decided to play a G/15 quad, and even though I was easily able to reach a score of 2.5/3 (my quick rating is low, so I played mostly inferior opponents), I saw a game in the top quad that... | Read More

    • Checkmates of the day 24

      Top junior player Ian Nepomniachtchi played Italian grandmaster Fabiano Caruana in the Blitz World Championship in 2010. Black to move and checkmates in 1: American grandmaster Gata Kamsky beat top armenian player Levon Aronian in Mainz in 201... | Read More

Video Lessons

  • Corus Chess Tournament

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    The Corus Chess Tournament is a major chess tournament played in the small seaside town of Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. Founded in 1938 for Dutch players only, it became an international event in 1946 and has grown into one of the most presti... Read More »

  • Aronian, Levon

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    Levon Aronian, born Oct 6, 1982, is a Grandmaster (2001) from Armenia.   He learned chess at the age of 9.  In 1994, he won the World Under-12 Chess Championship with an 8 out 9 score.  He won the 2002 World Junior Chess Champi... Read More »