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  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Dec 13, 2013

    "I know doing basic tactics puzzles is good for me but I don't have much fun doing them. How can I make them more fun?" A great question. But of course the answer depends on a large part of what is preventing that study from being fun. It might b... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Nov 8, 2013

    "I don't do better as White than as Black; what is wrong?" On the average, having White against a player of equal value means you should score about 57% of the points (e.g. 40 wins, 34 draws, and 26 losses in 100 games), which translates to about ... | Read More

  • Attack and Defense in the Dragon

    There are different schools of thought on how a chess player should structure their opening repertoire. Many of the top players nowadays seem to play a huge variety of different openings, each picked to match a particular opponent or a particular ... | Read More

  • How to Beat a Much Stronger Opponent

    Most chess players face this problem pretty frequently: what should I do against a much stronger opponent?  And here when we say "a much stronger opponent" , we talk about somebody who is at least 300-400 rating points higher. Let's start from ma... | Read More

  • Advanced Chess Books on Openings

    Capltal asked: My rating is 1130. For Black, I’m interested in both 1.c4 e5 and 1.e4 e5! However, both have many variations so I bought two books: THE MARSHALL ATTACK by Bogdan Lalic and THE PETROFF DEFENSE by Forintos and Haag. Is it a good i... | Read More


      Have you ever wanted to improve your bullet chess!? For many, bullet chess is very frustrating - as well as addicting! Especially when you don't see your rating go up! With these tips I am going to explain, you will almost SURELY go up lots by rat... | Read More

    • chess

      Welcome back everybody. This post will be explaining the top 10 best openings in chess history! May god praise these openings!   Number 10. The Ruy Lopez. Perhaps the greatest most complex openings out there. I respect this opening as it was pr... | Read More

    • One of My Best Openings

      Hey all! This was a game I recently finished. It's one of the best openings I have played, so I thought it would be a good game to practice my Game Editor aptitude. I appreciate all comments (especially on better possible moves throughout the gam... | Read More

      • Kuledood11
      • | Jan 7, 2014
    • The Best Opening for Beginners?

      Many people seeking to improve their chess games have the same questions: What opening system should I be studying? Which attack or defence is the best one for an inexperienced player?  While there are many good opening systems that pack surprise... | Read More


      PONZIANI OPENING BY PONZ111    The Ponziani Opening is  1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. c3.  Players are often surprised when someone plays the Ponziani Opening against them. Most players do not have a good idea of how to respond.  Thus it ... | Read More

      • ponz111
      • | Jan 2, 2014

  • King's Indian Defense

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    King's Indian Defense belongs to the Indian Defense family of openings and is characterised by the early fianchetoeing of the black dark-squared bishop on g7. It is a sharp opening and it has always been a very popular choice for black ever ... Read More »

  • scholar's mate on f7,f2

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    Scholar's mate is easy to remember-1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#. Is it easy to defend? Yes! Come back on 'More Ways To Win'. This is a bad opening, don't play it. It's only for beginners. Read More »

  • Scandinavian Defense not always a good opening?

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    it is true! i personally usually play nc6 instead of c6,but in some cases i must play c6. by 9OOO7OOO Read More »

  • King's Gambit

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    The King's Gambit is a chess opening characterised by very lively and aggresive play which is the case for most gambits. It has been very popular in the 19th century, the era of romatic chess, where attacking chess was at his peak. Nowdays it is ... Read More »

  • Sicilian Najdorf

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    The Najdorf Variation belongs to the Sicilian Defence family of openings and is the sharpest and most analysed opening of chess. Read More »